Another Panda?

Nope, it’s Marla Singer, and she adds..

“My room mate took this picture, we decided to do a photoshoot the other day in honor of my new smiley piercing. I like it because you can see all my facial piercings as well as my favorite tattoo =].”

35 thoughts on “Another Panda?

  1. ahh why modblog do you taunt me with the girls i want to go visit? dont worry marla im coming to get ya soon.

  2. to make that X-wing look better she should sleeve or at least half sleeve the arm with a full on battle over the death star. would love to see that

  3. seriously dude, basically every post you’ve made is a myspace style posed pic of kids looking fashionable. if this is the way modblog’s going, i’m jumping ship!

  4. i really like the x-wing tattoo! yeah, the makeup is pretty terrible, and the pose might be a little myspace, but i think the tattoo makes up for it… and if you think every post is myspace-looking you should take a closer look at roo’s posts because a lot of the shots are really beautiful! you’re doing a wonderful job, roo. thanks for the prolific posts!

  5. #8

    seriously dude, basically every post you’ve made is a myspace style posed pic of kids looking fashionable. if this is the way modblog’s going, i’m jumping ship!
    Jon P on May 18th, 2008 at 5:37 am

    i agree with this

  6. I only spot 3 “myspace pics” on the recent stuff (this one, 3 lip tattoo girls and freckle girl)? Although I don’t appreciate pictures like this at all I dont think its fair to say its the way modblogs going!
    *throws makeup remover wipes at girl*

  7. #19

    PS # 2
    Yeah, I totally do my makeup like this every day….
    Marla on May 18th, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    that not nice modblog attitude

    just because someone said something about your make up doesn’t mean they are fuckheads.

  8. Just because people don´t think your make up is fantastic you shouldn´t act like that.
    On the other hand I think they are all using rude words as well.

    This modblog is getting a mess.

  9. I like the how the make-up was done. Sometimes its just fun to do crazy looks like that.

  10. silly makeup is a lot of fun. when i crushed my spine and was trapped in my 2nd floor apartment for a month (stairs are the enemy of walkers) i documented many strange experiments using my face as a canvas. i love love love the tattoo, too, so chill out, everybody. i’ve really been liking all of the latest posts and almost didn’t notice they were by a different writer. modblog has always been a mix of modifications, fashion, and pretty pictures of pretty people. it’s a feast for the goddamn eyes, that’s the point.

  11. I like the way that we’re all accepting of “strange” (to outsiders) body modifications, but as soon as someone has creative make-up people think they look ridiculous… I like this picture, and I think you’re doing a good job Roo :)

  12. Jon P – I’m working with the photos that were already in the ‘posting to ModBlog’, or at least photos that could possibly be posted to ModBlog – So a lot of these would have appeared eventually.

  13. Calling it “bad makeup” is very rude. If you want to state your opinion then say something more like “Its interesting but not my cup of tea”.

    Also I like the makeup. I use to like drawing dots around my eyes too when I go out to concerts. Other wise I live on a farm and my horses just dont apreciate the time it takes to put makeup on :)

    And what the hell is a “myspace pose”? People on myspace dont pose any different than those on IAM. I think Marla is posing like shes stoked to show her smiley piercing and tattoo. I like her hair too.

    Marla, does it bother your teeth to have metal rubbing against it? Sadly I cant get a smiley piercing because I have no webbing to pierce on my top or botton lip.

  14. I say if she had fun taking the pictures and doing the make up then they are fantastic n_n

    Personally, i like the color of the walls vs. the color on her skin and her tattoo o.o

    But that’s just me n_n

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