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  1. That’s exactly what i was afraid of : Shannon is gone, so Modblog is becoming a mess full of crap. Just like it was when Shannon created BodyTwo…
    Rooh, take a look at your posts man : never more than one or two lines of text justification. And it’s not only very short, it’s also full of stupid privates jokes that are only understandables by you and the guy on the photo.
    Modblog doesn’t need you, i really believe that your work is useless. It would be exactly the same if i just watch these pictures on BME. If there is no difference, so why does Modblog exists ?
    I have absolutely nothing against you, but i’m addicted to Modblog and very disappointed by it since Shannon left. So please try to improve !!

  2. Oh and don’t take this wrong way, or as me being shirty but as I mentioned, it’s a holiday weekend and if it weren’t for my one-liner posts and in-jokes (I don’t know 95% of the people I’ve posted about), there wouldn’t have been any entries to feed your addiction :)

  3. # 5 – Notice how modblog hasn’t completely stopped since Shannon handed it over? Roo’s been working hard to please, we’ve had plenty of good updates which I for one have found interesting. If you’re so attached to Shannon’s personality (which you’ve pretty much made clear) and think Roo’s posting is “useless”, I suggest you refer to Shannon’s personal blogs to fuel your addiction.

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  5. Whatever #5, Roo is doing fine! You shouldn’t expect him to be the new Shannon, just enjoy the different personality that Roo brings and be happy that there are updates (lots!), most of which have been very cool.

  6. #5, It’s nice to have some fresh blood. I loved Shannon’s work, but it’s nice to have a change. I personally love the horrible puns, awful jokes, and one-liners (I’m not being sarcastic!!) If you miss Shannon, go to his blogs. he made them perfectly easy to find.

    Keep up the good work Roo!

  7. whatever, roo is fabulous and makes me laugh as well as shows me awesome mods. I will admit that the selection seems less… “filtered”? PLUS he hasn’t played the scrabulous game I started with him yet. but other than that I’m in love.

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