32 thoughts on “Guess What, Not A Butt.

  1. The first thing that came to my head when I saw the complete picture was “holy motherfucker” and I can’t think of anything else to say about that… Cool stars tattoo though…

  2. wow, i love the tricky things peopel have done down there. lke the scrotal bridge i saw one time. its like holy shit how do they do that

  3. you know, i’m pretty impressed at how much thought went into all this. and a lot of patience, too. wow.

  4. Not specifically referring to this example, but since its on topic, I have a question. Does tattooing and/or peircing make your penis smaller from the scar tissue or other effects of body mods? I’ve heard from a couple of people with them that tattooing your dong makes it less sensitive in the long run and seem dramatically smaller when not erect and even when it is sometimes, are these the general side affects of male genital body mods?

  5. big outter labia holes.

    yknow what i mean? like a transcrotal but on an outer labia.

  6. I like the tattoo work on the penis.

    OkTOMATO – I can’t answer your question about scar tissue but his penis is what’s called a grower, it is smaller in the flaccid state than a show-er or blood penis but the both end up around the same size when erect.

  7. so at first glance, i though that was a flaming penis. like, dick on fire. i was wrong haha.

  8. although it’s fairly awesome
    I’m still trying to figure out

    How would sex ever work ever again?

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