24 thoughts on “Body Reevolution

  1. This reminds me of a video made by Owen Brown [alternative] perspective for a track by ESA called Principles of Parasidic Resolve. Great photos!

  2. I think that there are fewer cases of fake blood compared to real on MobBlog ,Mato. And i have to say that is one of the things i love about it

  3. This could be the beginning of a “Beautiful naked girls, covered in blood”-series, don’t you think? *rrrr* 😉

  4. My faith in ModBlog is restored as the update to boob ratio is once again brought to its natural level. I salute you, Mr. Crumbs.

  5. i like how she looks like shes been catching her own food 😛
    very pretty girlie, i love the scars 😀

  6. shes got a 5-o’clock shadow cause of whatever facial make-up she’s wearing but other than that she’s a cutie!

  7. I think this picture is nice, but i’m not so much for the cuttings above her breasts.
    I like the makeup though, and it gives off the zombie impression.
    My first thought was “MMMMMMMM LUNCH”

  8. yeh i also dont like her cuttings on top of her boobs but the rest is nice

  9. will, thats what i was thinking. im glad someone else thought of it too.

  10. These pics just make me very sad – not sure why but that’s the emotion they evoke for me. Anyone else feel the same?

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