Body Reevolution

I was actually thinking of my old friend Ree the other day, and guess what I stumbled across this morning. She’s still as grubby as ever..

Another shot after the break!

Photos courtesy of Nik and Body Evolution.

24 thoughts on “Body Reevolution

  1. This reminds me of a video made by Owen Brown [alternative] perspective for a track by ESA called Principles of Parasidic Resolve. Great photos!

  2. I think that there are fewer cases of fake blood compared to real on MobBlog ,Mato. And i have to say that is one of the things i love about it

  3. This could be the beginning of a “Beautiful naked girls, covered in blood”-series, don’t you think? *rrrr* ;-)

  4. My faith in ModBlog is restored as the update to boob ratio is once again brought to its natural level. I salute you, Mr. Crumbs.

  5. i like how she looks like shes been catching her own food :P
    very pretty girlie, i love the scars :D

  6. shes got a 5-o’clock shadow cause of whatever facial make-up she’s wearing but other than that she’s a cutie!

  7. I think this picture is nice, but i’m not so much for the cuttings above her breasts.
    I like the makeup though, and it gives off the zombie impression.
    My first thought was “MMMMMMMM LUNCH”

  8. yeh i also dont like her cuttings on top of her boobs but the rest is nice

  9. will, thats what i was thinking. im glad someone else thought of it too.

  10. These pics just make me very sad – not sure why but that’s the emotion they evoke for me. Anyone else feel the same?

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