Hearts Hang To The Left

Someone commented on this post that my entries lacked text, but I’m not really sure what I can say about this tattoo by , other than I härt it and Mike Moore did the microdermals.

(There will be some more interviews posted soon, to fuel your text addiction).

33 thoughts on “Hearts Hang To The Left

  1. go team roo!

    i am a total lurker but i really wanted to compliment you on the bucket load of updates and how well you’ve done so far.

    who cares about text? pictures speak a thousand words, or something (i am foreign), if there was anything useful to say i’m sure ya wood. x

  2. Oh fuck i love that! <3
    This fuels the addiction enough for now me thinksss

  3. Why no pandas? eh? Oh, *sees above posters name* ^.^

    <3 this, so cute!


  4. Rooh i feel that no matter what, there will always be some haters on modblog,willing to complain for any reasons they can find, no matter how obscure or minimal. Fuck that, this is how you do it and that is it, no more no less.

  5. Oh, I care about text (although I`m foreign, too)! I would want them descriptions witty and
    humourous – just like most of them are, in the past as well as
    now. You’re doing a great job IMHO, and keep them coming!
    This one, it leaves me wondering why she didn’t place the text in the
    anatomically correct place right where her heart is…

  6. Haaha, what an awesome tattoo.. but härt ? in what language is that ? ’cause I’m from Sweden and we use Ä but we don’t say härt.. gotta be like norway, denmark or something like that :)

  7. Niklas, härt is the pronunciation of heart, placed next to the word in dictionaries.

  8. very nice indeed, good choice of font.

    [ Roo~ Your so called "lack of text" is more than compensated for by the frequency of your posting. Fair trade :) ]

  9. Bastian, I agree completely.
    I think the way it is looks alright though, but at the same time I’m not very picky.

  10. i did the surface anchors not the tattoo, lol. i dont know who the tattoo is done by but……YEA to the anchors:)

  11. The text in that tattoo is pretty uneven, especially on tn the last line. I wonder if that’s what she wanted? Seems unlikely though…

  12. I really love this; it’s a great new take on the heart tattoo. Very cute! :)

  13. I’m really glad you’re doing the updates, as opposed to someone else. And I ADORE this, aaaugh.

  14. Actually steph, I have boobs, so it comes forward a bit. But it really is not uneven. I dig it… but Mike actually did my dermals everyone, he is amazing.

  15. I understand that you do, and that would cause it to come forward, but what I meant was that if you were to draw a straight line under each line, the words wouldn’t be even.

  16. I don’t *need* more text, but on quite a few of the posts I have wondered exactly what I’m looking at, and I do like a bit of a story to go along with the images.

    That said, I have been enjoying the frequency of posts, I’m not getting much work done :)

  17. I too would appreciate more background on the photo, but I understand that it’s because you’re posting more often, and not everyone that sends in the photos to you will have this huge background info on about the where/why/when/who, so I agree with meh #10, that it seems to be a fair trade. I think you’re doing a good job Roo!

  18. I also went awww when I saw this photo, I absolutly *love* it to pieces!!! I wonder what dictionary that definition came from? Or just one the person made up that fit their life?

  19. It’s a nice text tattoo but unfortunately both the post title and placement are off by a couple of inches. If you’ve ever seen a chest X-ray the heart is pretty close to centered – it’s only louder on the left ’cause the left ventricle is stronger.

  20. I looooooove this tattoo. I like the font, and the concept, and the placement with the anchors. It’s awesome.

  21. i think it’s aesthetically and metaphorically placed, and therefore perfect. i love the font, placement, and definition. it’s seriously gorgeous.

  22. lindsay! i fucking love this girl. i remember when she got this and i fell in love with it. mike moore did my dermal punches on my flats. turned out awesome. but yea.. lindsay still looks badass and i miss you!

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