19 thoughts on “Tasty Wheat..

  1. not really liking the tattoo’s
    and finding the subject of the pictures ugly as sin

  2. this made me laugh out loud 😀
    i love it,
    must be a country folk thing..

  3. As soon as he thinks of an excuse to walk around with his pinky in his mouth this will be funny as hell.

  4. I’m a hick,… what can I say.. born and raised in Montana.. and a sprig of grass in my mouth was common thing… this is my ode to that… and I do stick my pinky in my mouth alot too.. because it’s funny… MY MERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY EVER!!!

  5. I was going to point out that it is more of a country/hick thing, but Sarvas beat me to it. Either way, I think it is a unique idea and I like the tattoo.

    P.S. – You can count me in for the shooting guns.


    im not a hick or American…but i can still appreciate the comical value of this tattoo

  7. cant say i really like the tattoo or the subject matter either 😛
    and his cowboy hat’s on backwards, how authentically american

  8. I think this is one of the more original pinkie tats I’ve seen… and he’d fit right in with folks in my part of Canada, so it’s definitely more of a redneck thing. Montana? Come on dude, that’s practically Canada anyway. You’re Alberta South.

  9. Whoa. Love it, and only later did I realize that Sarvas pierced my nipple while dancing to crappy raver music 4 years ago in Missoula. I used to have the biggest crush, and it’s a great concept tattoo.

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