31 thoughts on “Palms Labyrinth

  1. *runs away shrieking*

    Actually they look rather pretty if you just look at each hand on its own. It’s when I look at the whole picture and remember the monster from the movie that I get the creeps.

  2. I thinking before I read the caption how that reminded me of that awful monster from Pan’s Labyrinth…. that thing scared the ever living shit out of me!

  3. are those really tattoos?… hate to say it, but i would not be happy with those in the slightest…

  4. That monster freaked me out so bad in the movies. all she needs now is some long black finger nails :-)

  5. Cool idea! That monster creeps me out! What an awesome film, it made me cry x x

  6. hmm.. there was something similar in a recent doctor who episode, in which the eyes looked like the ones photo-ed here.. perhaps that was the inspiration rather than them being facsimiles of the pans labyrinth monster hands.

  7. The Pale Man still gives me nightmares to this day.
    ♥ Pan’s Labyrinth.

    Great concept, though I have to admit the tattoos look like they’ve been drawn on with marker, though maybe that could be the intended look?

    It’d be great if she had a little more work done on them (though OW), seeing as the rest of her tattoos are so beautiful.

  8. Id like it if they didn’t look so magic-marker, but it’s still badass ^_^ You don’t usually see such thick lines on palm tattoos

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