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  1. am I the only one that thinks punching out a hole instead of gauging is just…wrong? and unhealthy?

  2. A needle made my eyes water with my nose piercing, god knows what that feels like!

    …and yeah, silicone in a new hole, wise?


  3. Wrong? No. Unhealthy? No. I can understand why people would punch cartilage instead of stretching it.

    Now about referring to stretching as gauging…….


  4. wrong and unhealthy? no. punching cartiledge was FAR more comfortable than piercing in my experience.
    but i do think that galloning some inches sounds like fun..
    see how silly it sounds when you use a unit of measurement as a verb? ;)

  5. The second picture looks terribly painful. It actually makes my nose a little sore looking at it.

    It is totally badass though. I’ve always heard punching was bad though? Maybe I’ve been misinformed. I’d love to do this. Is it true that with larger gauge nostril holes like that you get more prone to colds and sinus infections and the like?

  6. I can see why he would punch instead of stretch… stretching cartilage is a long process, and if he wanted simply the hole, not the misshapen nostril, then punching is the perfect solution.

  7. For the love of Christ, stop it with your shitty puns Roo. It’s making Mod Blog unreadable.

  8. okay, after seeing the punching my next step would be to pop all those blackheads/whiteheads on his nose!!!!!!

    im not sure if this was wise, i really want to see it healed fully

  9. #12 Punching does inhibit further stretching somewhat especially in soft tissue, however for tissue such as the nose, or ear cartlidge punching is a great way to start, as i’ve heard that it can sometimes stretch easier.

  10. I mean I’ve only had my lobes punched (8mm), never cartilage, but as long as it doesn’t hurt a whole lot more I’m assuming this wasn’t TOO bad.
    I am however also wondering about the Kaos jewelry for healing…

    #13 I totally agree with you, great solution if you don’t want the distorted nose.

  11. #

    wH47 G4UgE R uR g4UG3S bR4h. Kaos + Fresh Wound = Fail
    Tyler Newton on May 21st, 2008 at 7:28 pm


    people type like this.

    i think the punch look ok

  12. #

    wH47 G4UgE R uR g4UG3S bR4h. Kaos + Fresh Wound = Fail
    Tyler Newton on May 21st, 2008 at 7:28 pm


    people type like this.

    i think the punch look ok

  13. I don’t understand why you guys don’t get why someone would choose to get something punched instead of stretching. First of all, it takes FOREVER to stretch cartalige, and it’s quite painful. Secondly, if you punch you are just removing flesh the size of the plug, so your nostrils aren’t going to be reshapen, unlike if you were to stretch. Punching isn’t always reccomended for certain things, like earlobes, but with nostrils, and conches its generally the prefered way to do it.

  14. Kaos can be sanitized, and alot of people have no problems with it plus those look like the parlene coated thicker Kaos.

  15. I like the white forehead ink more then I do the nose punching, I know it sounds silly but I don’t think I could handle getting my nose pierced, I even sneeze when my hair touches it.

  16. #12
    Care to elaborate? Because I’ve seen loads of healed punches where the tissue is fine.


    I wouldn’t wear silicone in a fresh piercing. But I’ve seen people be able to heal them.

  18. I have dermal punched my septum myself, and its not as bad you think, i did it with a 4mm punch and the feeling is quite nice actually.

    I hope hes happy with the results, looks awesome.

  19. it is very possible to heal with silicone as long as you don’t stretch at the same time.

    results may vary of course.

  20. Is it on both sides of his nose, or just the one?
    And yeah, Kaos, hmm. I had some that I was stretching my ears with for ages that I was absolutely fine with them!
    But yeah, punching’s cool, just not for me…

  21. i actually stretched my lobes with silicone at some point… it didn’t do bad but took way longer to heal, but it was much more confortable than any other material.

  22. Ha, I remember the pain having my nostril pierced, no way I could have it punched. Ouch!
    That’s not for me anyway, I’m not keen on large gauge nostril/lip piercings (as I’ve commented before on ModBlog) and I certainly don’t think he’s using the best jewellery.

  23. 22
    Don’t you mean kaos can’t be sterilized? You can’t autoclave it, and you can disinfect the surface, but it is a porous material and it is not a good idea to use in any sort of open wound.

    But I have a question for all those saying that punching cartilage is the best option. I agree with that, but is there cartilage in that part of the nose?? And I’m not being sardonic. I’m pretty sure that the outer nostril does not contain cartilage. Not that punching the nostril is a bad idea, because it really seems like the best way.

  24. Kaos Softwear can be autoclaved, though it should never be used in a fresh piercing. If you ran it through an autoclave a few hundred times, the dyes and structure might slightly degrade.
    The reason I would prefer to use a biopsy punch (if my intentions were to have large-size nostril piercings) as opposed to stretching the area simply lies in aesthetics. It’s simple: if you take a piece out of your nose, it doesn’t greatly (if at all) change the overall shape. If you stretch, you displace tissue and often reshape your nose. Not to mention, anyone I know who has gone through it claims it to be one of the more painful parts of your body to stretch.

  25. #25
    I don’t really have anything to elaborate with, it’s just one of those random little tidbits I’ve always heard for random people. I’m not really an expert on any of it, so I wouldn’t pay to much attention to me :P

    And on a completely unrelated note, how hard would it be for this to close if/when he took the jewelery out?

  26. #37: Yes. The nose wing is cartilage, septum is skin. Easy way to prove it without coming with all sorts of links and stuff: Feel your nose, and then feel your ear cartilage. Feels pretty much the same, eh? And I agree that kaos is not the best thing to wear in an open wound/fresh piercing, but if he can make it heal, I don’t see why he shouldn’t. And also, imho, punching IS the best solution to bigger gauges in cartilage.

  27. I just want to be clear about this issue:

    1) Can silicone be used in fresh piercings?
    “No, silicone should only be used in healed piercings or piercings that have been previously stretched and healed…period.”
    Whether a punch would technically be considered a cut out piece of tissue or a piercing is not an issue, the silicone is not meant for a fresh wound period.

    2)Although Brett is right about Kaos not being used an on open wound he is incorrect stating Kaos cannot be autoclaved.
    Kaos can be autoclaved as omglolzroflmao stated, it cannot be chemiclaved and is not compatible with Matacide or any other toxic chemical exposure.

    Basically what I am stating here is that it would be in this person’s best interests to remove the silicone and use a material made for a fresh piercing instead.

  28. okay, i’m not sure about dermal punching, although i do think it looks better aesthetically then a stretched nostril

    but the part of your nose that you pierce is not cartilage, it’s soft tissue, the cartilage in your nose is in the tip, feel it, where it’s hard at the tip is the cartilage, the actual nostrils are flesh

  29. I like the look. And it appears to me he did a little punch and stretch combo. It would be nice to see it healed.

    The only cartilage in the nose extends from the nasal bone. Feel the top of your nose, you can feel where the bone ends and the cartilage that separates (the septum cartilage, not however what the septum piercing usually goes through.) the two sides of your nose begins. This flat wall of cartilage extends from the nasal bone to the tip of the nose. The flesh comprising the nostril/ outside of the nose is free of cartilage and much like the ear lobe if a little more sturdy. Now, though the cartilage is called the septum cartilage this not what the common septum piercing passes through. The standard small gauge septum piercing passes through the flesh just bellow this cartilage often called the “sweet spot”.

    Someone also asked about this sort of punching closing up if he takes out the jewelry? Nope. The flesh has been removed so he has been left with a permanent hole in his nose. The only to close it up would be surgically.

  30. bullshit. ive seen punches close completely first hand. my boyfriend had 0g punched stretched to 00g, he took them out once they were healed and he doesnt even have a 14g hole left. i have seen 4g nostrils close completely also.

    never say never, everyone’s bodies are different and heal differently

  31. nostrils are not made of cartilage they are made out of a tough skin like whats on the bottom of your feet.

    koas is not recomended for new piercings but many people have no problems healing with it.

    and it is probably the comfyist thing I have ever worn in my nostrils.

    and punching your nostrils does no damage to them just removes the flesh so the shape of your nose actually stays the same.

  32. I cant stand reading people spewing bullshit, trying to sound like they know what they are talking about (#45). I hope you are not a piercer, because if you are, you are the kind that make the rest of us look like misinformed assholes.

  33. Kaitlin N, Thank you for the correction. You could have been more polite about it.

    kristina, instead of spewing nasty language would you care to be helpful, politely correct me and clear everything up for everyone?

    There is no reason to be a jerk because someone shared information you believe or know to be wrong. Don’t just call bullshit and run. Explain why I’m wrong.

    I never said I was a piercer or gave links to back up my info. I’m just a person who has picked up some knowledge (It would seem wrong) and tried to share what I knew. So please kristina, educate me. That is what we are about here right? But try to do it without making yourself look like more of an arrogant asshole then you already have.

  34. Was he punching and stretching at the same time?
    I would like to have this done, only I am 16 and apparently it is a ‘misinformed choice’ until I am 18, because in a year and a half I could change my mind and this is rather permanent (not completely apparently) and I need to be 18 to get it done :(

    I don’t know if this is actually true, this is just what I have been told, I don’t know if Australian laws are different too etc.

  35. Any chance of finding out what guage punch was used here? I want to do mine, my piercer wants to punch at 4mm and taper up to 6mm or 7mm, does this sound sensible? I originally wanted to punch at 6mm or 8mm and have an 8mm or 10mm plugs/tunnels put in…
    Love the look though, im slightly envious

  36. Man I don’t know about y’all but that shit looks sick. If I could get away with doing that I would in a heart beat. And as for the “make up” on his forehead, that’s not make up. It looks like some super sick scarification.

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