28 thoughts on “Unless You’re A Sperm Whale..

  1. :O that’s charity from gods girls is it not?
    It’s getting hard to comment on how cool a tattoo is without nudity.

  2. I want a tattoo like that, i love it.
    Just wish I had something good to write on my chest.

  3. It says “Worse things of happened at sea”

    But the grammar is wrong and it should say “Worse things HAVE happened at sea”

    Nice tattoo all the same…

  4. Nicely executed script…it just bugs me when I have to stare at something for 10 minutes trying to figure out what the hell it says…I think that’s going to get annoying for her– having to explain to everyone what the heck it says.

  5. It says “WORSE THINGS HAPPEN AT SEA”. No grammatical errors.
    Perhaps if the contrast weren’t turned up so high. You can see it in my iam page.
    The script is totally clear.
    It’s easy to read.
    You guys are all so obsessed with having something bad to say.

    Get a life.

  6. Getting worse things of happened at sea would just be stupid. it’s not even bad grammer it’s just plain stupid. Benefit of the doubt that people get the right things written? Looks awesome and a great thing to have.

  7. I love it! My dad’s a fisherman, and that is one of his favorite expressions.

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