Putting On The Style..

And the pounds!

You wanted to see more of IAM: petewithink, and you got it!

Pete adds.. “One stone heavier, but looking no different!

Bum and backpiece shot after the break..

30 thoughts on “Putting On The Style..

  1. Woooow, that’s a cool piece but on his back were the clouds are, I would’ve made them more defined ’cause now it looks just like it’s alot of lines, I would do some kind of heavier shading.. but still, looks awesome

  2. Tattoos + muscles = lovely.

    I do love the backpiece, but I agree on the shading. My first thought was “Guess he’s not finished!”

  3. I guess he likes his eastern art work…still,i agree with Niklas about the shading on the clouds, they seem to be near invisable when placed nexted to the high definition colours of the the rest of the body

  4. Nice, very nice. Amazing hot, slightly older (but not OLD) man with very nice tattoos. Nice.

  5. He needed that japansese flag on his other cheek so the stripes protruded out from his own japanese flag (his asshole, kiddies). Would have been like an extension of his ringpiece.

  6. lol that face, its like “nnneeerrrrr i could have you anyday cos im hench!” but yes, i do find the red and white buttcheek very fetching and the rest is lovely too.

  7. He is hardcore!

    That said, prefer the original pics, without the colour being enhanced. I like the look of healed tattoos, because they appear to be under the skin.

  8. It’s interesting that even though the whole piece is Japanophilic, he’s filled in all of the areas traditional Japanese tattoos leave blank. Still a beautiful piece, though!

  9. How unbelievably sexy! I would do absolutely anything to or with him sexually. Yum.

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