39 thoughts on “Carabinear

  1. Whys it white O_o is that bloodloss from being stretched by the clip or something?

  2. it just looks like there is no blood at the area of his ear thats why its white..
    its ni big deal.
    haha good photo though..

  3. I have the same brand of keychain carabiner!
    I wear mine from my belt loops, though.

  4. Surely the people going mental about the white is just the same as when you clench your fists and your knuckles go white? I like the picture, though I can imagine it led to some furry dry tongue issues, bleh!

  5. my my, does that look uncomfortable!
    It really seems like the sort of thing that happens that comes after the phrase ‘i bet you cant…’ and a beer or five

  6. Im so glad to see Dave on Modblog! His ear looks painful. Btw I love the caption on the pic! lol

  7. There’s just no blood in the area that’s why it’s white.
    like how your knuckles go white when you clench your fists.

    Kudos on the pic made me giggle

  8. There’s been 2 things on modblog that have made me want to vomit (so far lol). This is one of them. My ears have only been stretched to a 14 and this dude’s white ear lobe just FREAK me out – BAD.

  9. I have my ears stretched to 0g, and actually carabinears fit perfectly. Sometimes I wear them as earings, since I miss wearing hoops…

  10. That is not a happy ear. All I can picture is a wet “pop” noise. o_O Some people need to learn to ignore the urge to cause a photo-op.

  11. Some people need to ignore the urge to sound like they know everything.

    It does not take that much force to make a lobe look like that, or any other part of the body.

  12. #19. is this really one of those two things that make you wanna throw up? haha i mean, this white lobe may come out a little ugly, but i would understand it better if you said one out of two on like a nullification or something far more hardcore

    anyways, it looks rad… i sometimes hang my keys from my lobes just to freak my sis out when she visits hahaha

  13. is it just me or can I see the keychain thingy through that white bit on his ear?

    i’d actually love to see somebody walking down the street like that lol ^_^

  14. Diego – the other thing was male genitals that had been injected with black ink. What freaked me out was him saying that it was very likely that his intestines are coated. *shudder*

  15. It really wasn’t all that tight. My lobes go white like that with minimal pressure. I guess it doesn’t help that I have low blood circulation everywhere. Anywho YaY Modblog!! :D

  16. deadite_666 – ok haha yeah, i was just saying… i mean the ones that have freaked me out the most could be finger amputations, just because i think i overrate my fingers due to excesive keyboard use and music writting haha i think taking them off is just too much for me to handle hahaha

  17. Just curious – does he have a job? I’m wondering who employs people with this much hardware in their face. I’m an old lady who actually doesn’t mind piercings in general, but this is a bit overdone, it seems to me. I’d worry about his tongue drying out and the inside of his mouth getting nasty. The earlobe isn’t such a big deal – if it got gangrenous, it could always be amputated, but that’s not the case with the tongue. Anyway, someone tell me – where do people get employed when their body decorations are this extreme?

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