Heart and Dagger

Both the dagger and the heart in this shot belong to V (again, I can’t get enough of her!) and are by Brian, the BME heart is about seven months old and the dagger’s an electrocautery brand, about five months old..

21 thoughts on “Heart and Dagger

  1. I love it.
    Especally the Christina.

    I have a sword sort of thing scarification on my shoulder. I plan to turn it into an acoustic guitar.

  2. I love Christinas! I’ve had mine for almost a year and it’s still my favorite piercing of mine.

    I remember seeing fresh pictures of the heart…vicious looking, but it’s so great! I can’t imagine shaving over it though…laser hair removal then? Wax?

  3. Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!did this public scar make without correction?????oh i wanna bme heart too))))

  4. The heart has been healing like a dream…no touchups and fairly consistent.
    Shaving is not as bad as you’d think, but I’ve been slowly getting electrolysis over the whole thing so it will be a nonissue.
    The dagger has been, interesting to say the least. Ouch! :p It also isn’t healing consistently, but that’s scarification for you. It is starting to recess, from the outside in. It will be interesting to see how it changes over the next year or two. I can always get it removed and evened out if necessary, but for now it’s an experiment!

  5. The Christina is totally what makes this a sexy shot. I kind of miss mine–it just didn’t like me. :( I also LOVE the navel project!

  6. NB – Partial props to Wayde Dunn, who jumped in and helped on the heart.
    Only at Scar Wars…

  7. fucking awsome, i love the way the heart fits perfectly, how the knife is so raised and oh coarse, im a piercest first,so obviosly the christina

  8. The consistency IS an issue as far as I’m concerned. The body tends to scar inconsistently. As a body modification pro for the past 15 years and a dabbler for for that many years previously, I have to say that, although I remain open minded, I’ve never seen a scarification that looked as crisp and beautiful as the design was intended to be after healing; At best, I’ve been left with a vision of what it was “supposed to look like,” but didn’t quite hit the mark.

    So, nothing against those who emit oohs and ahhhs over these kind of scarifications, but I can’t be alone in thinking that most scarifications are inconsistent and ugly.

    Sorry to be negative, but I think it needs to be said.

  9. #20 That’s funny because I’ve seen some beautiful consistent pieces on modblog. What about people like whitespace?

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