Charity Gratuity

A few people asked what was tattooed on Charity‘s tummy in this post – Well, your answer lies after the break..

Remember perves, no schemin’ on her!

38 thoughts on “Charity Gratuity

  1. AHHH. Charity! I love this girl :) Such a sweetheart. Her Desiderata tattoo is amazing.

  2. hard not to be schemin on her when she is so beautiful and you keep tempting us with the pictures. i blame Roo whoever you may be

  3. Hey people,
    the diamond tattoo is actually in the process of being lasered!
    I will post a laser removal mod gallery when i get home so you can see how its going.

    I have something amazing planned for the cover-up! ;)

  4. /jeaaaallloouusss!!!
    holy crap shes drop dead stunning!
    i love the work on the fingers, its quite stunning.

  5. That font is amazing, I’m definitely in love.
    Her fingers don’t lie, she’s completely adorable.

  6. yeah, she’s adorable. literally. nice tats, nice body, and the sweetest eyes! lucky her!

  7. Waht an amzing job on the chestpiece. Beautiful flow and a cool idea. I’m curious about her sleeve.

  8. Charity is a GodsGirl if you’re looking for shots of some of her other mods/tattoos. You know, without all that pesky clothing in the way.

  9. nothing like a beautiful girl with beautiful tattoos. why arnt there girls like this in my city?

  10. Oh my god, those tattoos look so friggin nice on that girl, who btw is like THE hottest chick I’ve seen on bme…O_O I’m such a sucker for the fish face on the second pic, every girl should make that face once in a while, so cute ^^

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