The Mothman ModBloggeries

Absolutely no information was supplied with this photo. From his email address though, I can sense he he sees himself as a bit of a macho man (although the photo might contradict that), and he’s Polish.

So cute!!

18 thoughts on “The Mothman ModBloggeries

  1. I would not let a moth land on my head.. ew.
    Love his lobes though, suit his face all pretty-like.

  2. @ #9: it’s possible he just had one dimple, my sister has only one dimple it’s quite odd.

    as for that moth, I’m passing out just looking at it, i HATE moths. power to him

  3. Holy christ that moth is HUGE!
    I would be screaming like a idiot not smiling like he is >_<

  4. He’s a Body Piercer In Camden He works in “blue skin”

    or atleat is a spitting image of the guy im talking about

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