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Just posted 1,193 new images and 54 experiences. Thanks to Phil for processing the images and to SailorAttack for being on the cover. There are about 2000 emails in the queue and those will be caught up as quickly as possible. This image/experience update has been like a mine field. Every step forward sets something else off. The problems appear to have been sorted out and another 1000+ image update should be coming shortly. I’ll be going back to a daily update schedule, as long as the amount of submissions demand it. I’m still trying to figure out where submissions are being diverted to as there appears to be an issue with downloading them.

Recent TOS complaints have been going to an unknown abyss so please forward any TOS complaints you have to [email protected]. In the next couple of days I’m going to run through and remove all of the dead accounts (expired accounts that have not been logged into for more than a year). Deceased members generally have their accounts set to free and are not considered “expired”.

If you haven’t noticed, anyone who emailed for the last 7+ years about typos on the main page of IAM, can rest now they’ve finally been fixed. (Please NOTE this is NOT your BME password.) If anyone finds more things that need to be cleaned up, please email me at [email protected]. The next month is going to be dedicated to cleaning up this mess until we can move forward on integrating the new update management system. It will be very cool. If you’re a nerd, who is into managing tons of data.

MmMmMm data….

16 thoughts on “BME Updated

  1. I know that there are few famous iam’ers who died.
    I think their accounts should be left alone.
    people would be upset, if those accounts got deleted.
    are you going to leave the account of the deceased people alone?

  2. “Cleaning up this mess” is a nice comment for the 14 years of work of Shannon. I won’t talk here about legal rights, because I don’t know anything about it (and I don’t give a shit about it), but calling his work a mess when it’s so obvious that all this wouldn’t exist at all without him shows a lot about your personnality, Rachel.

  3. I’m worried about my friend’s page who died. I like to see that he’s online. and I hope this doesnt delete his page!

    anyone know the status on deceased member’s pages with this update?

  4. No deceased members will be deleted. I have marked them over the years as I’ve learned about them as several of them are my friends.

    Rouslan: You’re right, you don’t know anything about it (ie the state of the servers, the site, the systems etc). Please feel free to interpret anything that I post to be a personal attack. God forbid I publicly post what is really going on behind the scenes.

  5. I agree, Rouslan. No matter the state things were left in, it’s not very classy to forcefully take over a business and then bitch about the how the prior owners ran things. All you do is risk pissing off loyal customers.

    Save your bitching for your private affairs. If you really want people to follow you along on this transition and keep the dough rolling in, you’ll be smart and not publicly insult the work of the very person that built your cash cow.

  6. Wow Rouslan and Bri, way to be assholes. For shame if you think a website as large as BME is run solely by one person, even one as talented as Shannon. The way you are taking what was said is ridiculous. Commenting on how well organized things are or are not is a far cry from a person attack. Congrats on being children about the personal and business affairs of others. Enjoy the site as you always have and stop being dicks to those providing you a service.

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