46 thoughts on “It Glistens..

  1. Haha, all I could think was ‘taint =P I was on te wrong side of the balls ^_^ But yeah, wow, didn’t know the penis could do that!

  2. i rekon its the side of a mouth. Very scarred from previous peircings im guessing…..

  3. This being modblog, I don’t even WANT to know where the rest of the penis went.

  4. Hehe thats quite a project you got there, would love to see what your creation looks like in some underwear :) .

  5. Are you continuing the Shannon “It’s a dick!” trend?

    :D Fine by me.

    I thought it was a vacuum-pumped clit.

  6. nah…I knew it HAD to be some fucked up picture of MALE genitalia.

    dammit,cant a brother get some pussy…..pictures??

  7. Tranque, don’t blame Roo, these last ones were set up by me… His reign of non-dick trick terror will start shortly!

  8. I sure as Hell didn’t get this one! Dick or no, it’s a goodie, Shannon =)

  9. I guessed that it was a pierced taint with a vacuum pumped anus but…nope. the upside down bit made it harder too. Awesome.

    Where it all went guys… His genitalia is full of saline…it’s there…just…ballooney. Possibly uncircumcised as well which makes you wonder where the head is. Unless he had some of his junk removed?

  10. I looked at the picture and I clicked through, and I STILL don’t know what the hell it is.

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