19 thoughts on “Better Than Harry

  1. It looks like he fell asleep with his forehead on a par of open scissors. I really like though.

  2. Jeff wanted “angry Cartman eyebrows” cut into his forehead, and I didn’t take him seriously. A year later, we made his wish come true.

    I still think he should start shaving his eyebrows.

  3. He’d be way hotter without the moustache, in my humblest opinion. But still, very nice mods.

  4. “angry Cartman eyebrows”? Hehe! That is way funny! They are surely some great looking scars.

  5. anyone ever watch “The Mighty Boosh”? He bears a striking resemblance to Howard Moon, but with a few more mods…

  6. Le sigh.
    I miss my Jeffrey Lavender.
    Furrowed Brows of distinction and beauty.


  7. You know, I’m not really into flesh removal/scarification, but I gotta say you did a bad ass job.

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