Now, it might seem like sistinas is taking over ModBlog one post at a time, but I thought you’d appreciate her “Pussy Orchid” tattoo. This time by Xris, Reactive Ink, Toronto..

Photo by Prince Clare, who never seems to be without her camera.

19 thoughts on “Reflowered

  1. I was thinking the same thing, that I would love to see it in color. It is a flower after all! In any case, I love the idea. (Not so fond of the cherries, though.)

  2. What does the calligraphy say? It’s nice handwriting and an actual grammatical ending so I’m curious now :)

  3. My sweetheart and I both want to see it in colour too! It’s awesome looking, very nice placement.

  4. YAyyyyyyyyyyyy…we have a GIRL,and I am sooooo digging that coochie,Mmmmm Mmmmm goood.

    P.S. great ink too,love the artwork

  5. mmm i think cloning should be legal so they can make more of her, and it hurts down there, like im guessing mine was like the outline of what i had planned but i couldnt handle it so thats how its staying

  6. yeah the cherries are silly but it was my first one and we couldnt really cover them up they stay ..yes it is colored ..and yes it hurt like a son of a bitch .prob my most painful one..and it still needs a bit of touchup and backsplash..avoiding that like the plague though,… as for the kanji.. it says “to eat is to live to be hungry”.and was written by my friend j-song in tokyo, and tattooed in her hand writing.

  7. Ditto on the calligraphy. I wonder if that barely visible kanji could be “tame”?

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