21 thoughts on “Big Cry Baby!

  1. surprisingly the first thing i saw was the large gauge piercing in his cartlige…dude my mind is messed up…just a tad :P viva la sensitive big scary dudes!!!

  2. Hey look! It’s me!

    Explanation on the tear drops: I know everyone has them, I got mine so I could make fun of people when they whine.

  3. yes richard you find more and more odd places for your tattoos you fucking rock go richard

  4. i say “again..?!” only because i think we’ve seen oh-so-many of these on here already. but that being said, it IS a rather cute picture, and a cute mod-related photo on modblog never hurt anyone.

  5. Bahaha, someone should get one like this with two Q’s in place of teardrops!

  6. ahahhaah my best mate has this!

    and a moustache on another finger.


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