Erotic Tattoos, Made 3D

“Summer has started in the Netherlands, so I’m wearing short sleeves and Dermablend on my hands and arms to cover my tattoos for work. It works sufficiently well, people notice that something is strange about the color, they may guess that it’s make up, but don’t know about the tattoos. Unless of course they ask about it, in which case I usually explain that it is to hide the tattoos, which is usually taken well.

What still shows are the bulges formed by paraffin injection to accentuate the female shapes of the tattoos (not advisable, I had bad experiences before, but anyway…). Their visibility is dependent on the way the light shines on it and the perspective, but they look pretty erotic to me even when covered.

People seem to avoid asking me what they are, but it is a bit on the fringe… freaky stuff!”

Read on to see what he’s covering up!

32 thoughts on “Erotic Tattoos, Made 3D

  1. I don’t understand at all. Why do his hands look monstrously deformed in the first pictures?

  2. Why didn’t you post photos that actually showed how the paraffin accentuated the female bodies of his tats? First I see photos of what looks almost like a deformed hand while scanning then I read the story and want to see these nobs in action…

  3. The “covered” photos are of a right hand but the “uncovered” photos are of a left hand..

  4. Mattie – He didn’t submit any of his hand (with paraffin) sans Dermablend, the photos of his hand tattoos I took from his modtracker on IAM and were (probably) long before the paraffin injections.

    The photos aren’t flipped at all :)

  5. I too would really love to see how the paraffin injections accentuate the tattoos.

  6. resonanteye – There are some photos of his tattoos if you click (read more…), the focus of the entry is the paraffin injections though, I only added the photos of his tattoos because I knew people would wonder..

    I’ve sent him a message asking for some better quality photos, but as I said. There are some on his IAM page, but not many :)

  7. I totally thought this was going to be about how he was terribly allergic to Dermablend and that’s what it did to his hand.

  8. Roo…….the comments about them being flipped stem from the fact that the bottom 2 photos are of his LEFT hand while the ones that show the bulge are from his RIGHT Hand. I understand you were just working with what you had but I think you made a confusing mistake.

  9. The pictures on his page are way clearer, and these pictures were photoshopped into oblivion. I hope whoever is doing these now chills out a little bit with the filters and effects. The pictures on his page are relatively crisp and composed well and i don’t think they needed much more done to them to get the point across.

  10. It kinda sucks he has to cover them. I wish there was better pictures of the tattoos.

  11. Right, the top pictures are of my right hand, the bottom ones of my left. I’ve just added some not-covered pictures of my right hand to my page. Here the wrist butt is not yet sculptured.

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  13. EvilSleepy – I didn’t make a mistake, the post was more about the paraffin injections than his tattoos (read above), and I fully intended to post a follow-up :)

    I only included the two photos of his hand tattoos to give you guys an idea, sorry if it was confusing..

  14. is this that guy called erotats or something like that.

    “” als je het bent dan moet ik zeggen dat het er zeer apart uitziet.”"

    Its not weird and not ugly, but most people are shortminded.
    Esspecialy in holland

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