Erotic Tattoos, Made 3D – Update!

George kindly uploaded the following photos after I posted this entry about his paraffin injection and erotic tattoo “experiment”..

Read more for a close-up of a nicely rounded bum.

55 thoughts on “Erotic Tattoos, Made 3D – Update!

  1. Wow, it must not be easy to have that on your hand, obviously !
    It doesn’t look that bad that said, just a little… creepy.

  2. OH ok i get it now.

    this clears up alot from the last post lol. so the parifin is gone now? or is it still there. cause n the one picture your hand had no parafin in it, was that before or after?

    sorry, im curious about this shit :)

  3. vegas – This is with the paraffin, you can see the definition on the bottoms.

    I’ll leave rest up to George to explain, I don’t want to steal his thunder..

  4. Oh my god! I dont understand why you would like to destroy your hand (Shit, i sound like my mother), but if I were deformed i guess i might had used it to create something outrageus.

  5. I wonder why someone would want to get the words ‘peeing hole’ (‘plasgaatje’ in dutch) tattoed on his hand.. or any other body part.

  6. I too am surprised it’s all asses. Is that just his fetish, or is his other hand a breast hand or a vulva hand or the like?

  7. This level of commitment seems to me to speak of someone who has a deep desire for this kind of body modification and tattooo.

    This is obviously not some cool scene kid getting a “wicked tat” or a “sick piercing” to piss off ma and pa. Hence while it’s certainly bizarre and highly personal, I can only say… more power to you brother for doing what YOU want.

  8. oh man, the idea is perhaps nice, but the tattooing is terrible and the guy’s hand looks a mess!!

  9. i repeat my comment, this is not a good quality tattoo. i’m not speaking about the draw, but the tattoo tech.

  10. Ha! I guessed right!! It IS a bum!!! Thought one of the other ones would be breasts though… ah well. I wonder how flexible the paraffin is, and if that’s a reason he’s been having troubles, this looks pretty rigid to me.

  11. I don’t think I mind the concept, but I don’t think the tattoos are well executed and until it was explicitly pointed out that they were bums I couldn’t tell.
    Ho hum, I didn’t realise it was safe to put paraffin in you.

  12. I was (semi-)upset to see Shannon leave, but I was hoping that ModBlog would start including risk notations in the more intense entries, i.e., informing people explicitly that putting paraffin in you is incredibly dangerous. Especially as paraffin is easily gotten ahold of.
    I hope that the ModBlog staff continues to post such things, but I also hope that they’ll learn from some of Shannon’s mistakes.
    Hide the “triggering” images behind a cut, and explore the risks and dangers involved in the more intense procedures.
    It’s just my 2 cents. I’ve loved ModBlog for a long time, but things can always be improved upon, and these are two big ones.

    Either way, those are terrible tattoos. I do, however, appreciate this ass-man’s commitment to his modifications.

  13. are there any paraffin injection tattoos that AREN’T completely made of females asses?

  14. shekaste – If you read the original entry regarding this George says “not advisable, I had bad experiences before, but anyway..”, now I know this doesn’t scream DON’T DO THIS IT’S DANGEROUS, but I’d like to think that people are intelligent enough to realise (without trying it themselves first) that injecting anything, paraffin especially, into their bodies carries a risk and should be researched extensively before being attempted.

  15. Why in the hell would anyone get bums tattooed all over their hand?

  16. # 10, 12, 22, 29 etc

    it’s really rather surprising that anyone would be surprised at anything on this website! isn’t the whole point (or a big part of) body modification about freedom of expression and doing what is attractive or even just rate fun for yourself…George obviously finds bottoms on his hands just that. :D
    oh btw, forgive if I’m dumb but are the bumps permanent?

  17. shekaste- wouldn’t BME as a whole be considered a trigger? honestly, it’s a body modification site. if you don’t want to see modifications to a body, which can be triggering, don’t come to the site! :)

    i think this is interesting. while it freaks me out a bit with the makeup on, it looks pretty nifty uncovered!

  18. I have to say I’m quite surprised to see that many negative remarks here. But then again, in general the remarks on this site confuse me anyway.. If anyone would’ve bothered to read the guy’s iam.bmezine link a lot of things would’ve been clearer.

    For example:
    “- Numerous erotic tattoos, all self-made
    - Paraffin injections, most of them retired by serious surgery. Some of them still give trouble nowadays”


    ” I experimented with tattooing and most of them reflect my sexual interest. It started with simple flowers and insects, but then the nude women came in. But please don’t regard them as women unfriendly. I like eroticism, and love the erotic side of women. But at the same time I’m highly respectful to women, just as I am to men.”

    Besides, one would think that kind of commitment and exploration would be something that’s admired in this community, instead of despised. Some people pave the way for others, some pave it for themselves.

    I mean, who cares that the tattoo isn’t top notch or all shiny ’cause it hasn’t been done by the best of the best? As a random yet frequent visitor I never saw that as the idea behind this site. The guy has done it himself, seems devoted to it and has learned his lessons from the bad experiences, I’d say that’s something to admire.

    On a side note, personally I don’t think it looks nice at all, but I can understand how it has come to be and the path dutchweirdo has decided to take.


  19. This really looks like advanced rheumatoid arthritis to me. That’s probably what I’d think it was if I saw it while covered up. The big tip off for me, though, would be the fact that 1.) the person is quite young for this severe a manifestation, and 2.) the ‘arthritis’ isn’t symmetrical to the other side of the body.

  20. 37: Gemini… I’m with you!
    I think these are some fantastic personal tattoos and the stories behind them make them all the more interesting.
    Most of the time people here get all disappointed if “I did it coz it was cool”, but when there is a story, they’re still upset because they can’t take the time to read and understand. Make up your minds, guys. I think this is a great site that promotes tolerance between people who modify their body, not elitism!

    *and yes, elitism might be a big word. Look it up, it’ll do your mind some good.

    For my comment on them, I can really see the appeal. I’m an ass lady myself, the idea of giving your tattoos curves seems fun. Great work!

  21. So.. am I the only one that thinks “Hide triggering images behind a CUT” is absolutely hilarious? Get it? Cut? Trigger? HA!

  22. Pretending that an image of a naked woman is about “women’s eroticism” is like pretending that an image of a boom box is about how the rhythm of music inspires you to dance.

    In other words, women’s erotic expression is something to be experienced first hand; pictures of naked women represent nothing other than the commodification and objectification of women’s bodies.

    In other other words, pictures of naked women /= sex.

  23. RooRaaah Crumbs, yes I get that, all im saying is that I dont understand why anyone would do that and that i only would do somethiing like him if i had a deformation.

  24. #31 i never said he shouldn’t have gotten the tattoo, i’m just curious why. (especially the word ‘peeing hole :D)
    I’ve been on this site for about 6 years now, I’m not suprised by anything anymore :)

  25. I think its insane but more power to him.

    And anyone who see’s this and decides to put paraffin in their hand… well chances are they will do far more stupid things anyway.

    People need to use their common sense and if they don’t have any… they probably won’t pay attention to warning labels anyway.


  26. he’s had the paraffin injections “retired by serious surgery”. i think that speaks enough of how smart an idea it was.

  27. That is some serious devotion!
    I think the butt on the top of his wrist is strange because the attached waist is so tiny…of course that could be because of the angle the tattoo is intended to represent…

  28. i think this is madddddbruu
    the 2nd pic i was like.. shit is that a stump, the i saw the top pic, and i was like.. woah thats mad

  29. sorry, its shit. the wax injections look awful, and the tattoos, although amusing, look terrible.

  30. yaye i was waiting to see if yu guys would put a pic of this up without the make-up on! thank you!

  31. A late reply, since I was on a three weeks holidays…

    Several remarks/explanations from my side:
    1. yes, like explained on my page, the tattoos are simply erotic enhancers for own use. Although they are not erotic as such, they remind me of sex and all it’s good aspects on a boring working day. They are enhancers. Like a sex magazine (which I never buy: don’t need it :)) the pictures of nude woman are enhancers, not the real thing!
    2. I certianly don’t hate woman or, in general, humans. I just like to be reminded of sexuality all the time, and I am heterosexual so I like woman around me. And I like sex and all the good it means to most of us, so indeed, i do also have some masculin pictures as well mostly having fun with sex games.
    3. the quality was not intended for showing of to others. Most of them (especially those on the left hand) are done with dilute ink, which makes it easier to cover them with dermablend. The other advantage is that using a single needle and dilute ink give the possibility to put in very ine details, which will not blur as soon as with undiluted ink.
    4. the use of paraffin is very experimental. I’ve used it also in my scrotum as a subsitute for silicone oil for enhancement. That is dangerous and gave very adverse reaction, so it had to be removed surgically. There is way less in my hand, whcih is (relatively) stable, although it does give some kind of mild inflamatory reactions. That is why I don’t advise the use of paraffin here either, although it would be intersting to see if a similar effect could be abtained safely with alternative fillers.
    5. I agree that the fillings in my right hand give a undesirable disformed/mutulated shape to my hand as a side effect… something to learn from for others. Indeed, a lot of first-hand communication occurs through the hands, just like facial expressions. Therefore this type of body modification done on the hands cannot be kept private, they do have a social impact as well (unfortunately).

  32. Oh, and zombie z, entry 34: no no no it is not at all about hate. I do like eroticism and sexuality a lot, but I am firmly against any form of involuntairy exploit or abuse of woman. Believe it or not, several of my womanfriends are feminists and I tend to be slighlty feministic myself. I feel very sorry that you feel insulted by my tattoos, but they were not intended to do so.

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