26 thoughts on “He Won’t Make You Hurl..

  1. haha it’s me!, the ears are the result of a lower lobe stretch done years back without tapers, the thin skin was removed to make reverse points.

  2. Was the photo supposed to be that over-exposed? I can’t appreciate the look of that BME-boy when the picture looks like that. Too bad 🙁

  3. i did a run of over exposed ones, new camera and software and me playing about with it too much. i just hung a white sheet up and took a few with the wolf-eye contacts:P

  4. i love it, lumpy earlobes, overexposure and all.
    i think it’s an awesome picture and erlsalot, you’re an attractive man. good job. 🙂

  5. Okey, the earl is great, the septum is great, the big labret is great.

    But the othter thing…. like i say, go big or go home. take out and you would look great. imo then..

  6. i have to say, frankly he’s stunning.
    but i’d hate to run into him down a dark alley.

  7. One of the beauties of body modification is that it can be used to achieve so many different end effects. When you undertake a project like this- you make your visual dynamic and you simply overload the viewer. (why people do double takes.) I really like it, you’ve taken your face and made it very stunning (and that’s a good thing!) These sorts of “looks” don’t just fall out of heaven- they’re well thought and take commitment to execute.

    I like it a lot.

  8. way to go erlsalot! i’d take you on ftw. you’re yummy. and you kinda make me wonder if its possible to lick tattoos off with my tongue. 😉

  9. Wow. You are a simply gorgeous man. Fantastic photo. Fantastic piercings. Overall…fantastic. I’m in love with this.

  10. wolf-eye contacts ! lovely! had those, think im going to get them again they look really great 🙂
    great facial work you got there! kudos!

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