30 thoughts on “Harai Made Him Happy!

  1. I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful tattoo when it’s finished, but at first glance I saw a bear surfing.

  2. It’s awesome. The nipple looked like a nose though, at first glance.. Um, haha

  3. for some reason when I saw that pic and that smile all I had in my head was Woody Harrelson from Natural Born Killers going: “WHOS THE LUCKY ONE!!!!”


  4. yeah , len of haraitattoo has a verry good japanese style of tattooin but i doubt he knows the meaning of the japanese tattoo …

  5. His ears are so absolutely perfect! It’s extremely rare and very heartening to see such an even and well-executed stretch at a larger size.

  6. Thx, and as the picture shows I’m a happy man !! Chuffed is a nice word for it :p

  7. to spookshow_baby_79: Hes ears were not only stretched we also cut from 30 to 40 and after that he stretched further, but indeed they look fucking perfect!! And To Kai Finally, you made modblog! hup, Dooorgaan, bulken met die paerdekop

  8. his smile is totally the most striking thing about this photo. brightened up my night 🙂

  9. yep. he has not only a great smile….. but for me he is the most sexiest man on earth….

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