21 thoughts on “Serva Me, Servabo Te

  1. ha, i took that picture…
    congrats on the modblog cai.

    …too bad the tattoo is meaningless.

  2. Um… hate to say it, but the meaning’s off.

    Servare: to attend to/watch/protect/maintain. So it could be translated as “keep me safe and I will keep you safe,” which isn’t that far from what was intended.

    “Salvare” means “to save.”

    Nice placement and script, though.

  3. bawhaw, i read “serve me and i’ll serve you”. sounds like a good deal though

  4. Hot tits! What is it with me and my attraction to bewbs???

    Love the tattoo… it’s like the “anti” version of my other modblog fave “Look upon thy death”

  5. thanks guys<3

    yah ive heard that the actual words are a bit different then intended but all in all its the same thing.

    and this tattoo still, and always will have a lot of meaning to me.

  6. Navel microdermal or just not wearing the bottom ball…? Love the clavicle microdermals

  7. The latin is correct. It is from Petronius, from the Satyricon. Like Manus manum lavat. One hand washes the other.
    She is gorgeous

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