16 thoughts on “The Scrunched Generation.

  1. I LOVE this picture!

    usually, most facial tattoos scare me… but I’m pretty sure this one makes me feel all fuzzy inside

  2. we really are, aren’t we…
    i can’t help but make faces like these when someone takes my picture.

  3. YES!
    All modified people can’t resist the temptation to pull the scrunch face. Especially medusa/septum wearers.

    There should be a gallery just for the scrunch face and just get everyone to send them in.
    Do it do it do it.


  4. oh man! septum scrunches are the best! 😛 but i may be bias.

    this lovely person’s pictures always remind me of a modern day court jester! i love it 😀

  5. i usually respect facial tattoos & piercings (of course, otherwise i wouldn’t be here)
    but i honestly think that the nose & mouth spacers are inapropriate, but i guess it’s his body…

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