FTAO Cardboardfrog/Emaline..

Boobies, ModBlog style..

Emzy and Sean after her chest suspension.

Photo by Nik, Body Evolution, Norwich, England.

The above microdermals were a mutual experiment between Ray (Magic Needle Tattoo, Texas) and a client. They healed perfectly!

Freehand nipple scalpelling by IAM: raldymods tribe, on himself.

48 thoughts on “FTAO Cardboardfrog/Emaline..

  1. I love the microdermals, but my main focus goes to the top pic. Nothing I adore more than chicks with underarm fuzz! <3

  2. Oh holy hell that would hurt!! I can’t even imagine getting microdermals there. That said, they do look AMAZING.

  3. She would be amazingly hot if someone took take a razor to her.
    Nice placement for the microdermals too…

  4. Hey roo, if youre looking for someone hairy with big boobs, ill let you take ME as your modprom date!

  5. 1) My boobies ache just seeing this. D:

    2) Wow, that’s amazing, and very aesthetically pleasing.

    3) He has some serious cojones.

  6. The microdermals are awesome but oooouch to the other two pictures. I’d love to try suspension but it always looks… well.. PAINFUL XD

  7. The second pic has some great looking breasts in it, but I gotta ask what she plans to do when it comes to breastfeeding, as a matter of personal interest :)

  8. @ 15 Uuh, pretty sure we live in a world where breast feeding is no longer an inevitable part of female life. Not trying to be snarky, just sayin’.

  9. Wow, the microdermals make my nipples ache. They look incredible though. The first pic is awesome. And the last.. oooh that looks… tender. As an aside re: the pit hair, whatever works for you really. Personally I find female body hair just completely nasty, therefore I obsessively shave/wax. I prefer the same with chicks I screw. I also prefer shorn scrotums (scrotii?), but other male body hair doesn’t bother me. (I think I must be a product of the Cosmo generation or something… dammit.)

    Then I have a friend who goes ape for hairy women. I’ve seen him about-face to follow hairy chicks and try to get their number… whatever floats your boat, yanno?

  10. bloody boobs and very interesting microdermals. both very good looking. thank you for sharing.

  11. Re: the microdermals. Does anyone know how this procedure differs from nipple pocketing?

  12. Those microdermals are incredible. Visually, I find them more appealing than nipple piercings. Shame that mine are probably too small. :(

  13. auch… my nipples hurt like hell by just seeing those microdermals
    but they sure look HOT!!! :P

  14. Funny how people are talking more about the woman in the first picture’s armpit hair than the blood and hooks. (IMHO: Women are born with hair, get over it!)

    I’m gonna echo everybody else’s love for the microdermal nipples!

  15. I’ve seen that second picture before, the girl has a profile on bodymod.org, unless this is a different person. I have microdermals on my sternum that hurt like a bitch, and nipple piercings that hurt like even more of a bitch… I can only imagine what it must feel like to combine the two! OUCH! They are gorgeous, however I have to wonder. The nipple naturally secretes when it has to clean out dead skin cells or built up stuff… would the microdermals impede this process?

  16. Does this mean I get Life time membership to BME for having my face put on modblog Hey ROO does it HUH HUH HUH !!!!!!

  17. I didn’t even notice the pit hair until I read the comments. I have hairy arm pits and legs and I love them! It bothers me too much to shave. And it IS natural, you know. Get the fuck over it.

    That aside:
    1) yum
    2) wowzer bowser!
    3) oww :0(

  18. What I realy like in the first pic, is that you can see the bloody prints underneath her boobs.
    And yeah: –> nr 23!
    nr 28: yep, kind of funny, on modblog, armpit hair is not done, while I think most people would first notice the two giant bloody hooks in her tiets.
    anyways, i love it!
    thanks for sharing.

  19. 23, thats the thing about pit hair. Its like an STD. No matter how hot the person is you can’t think about banging them.

  20. the thing about arm pit hair is that…

    who the fuck cares?

    why are you people prescribing body modification????

  21. lol…you can do everything to your body on bme and no one is allowed to judge you (they kill you immediately, if you do)…but if you have hairy armpits, they cut your head off. strange way givin censored tolerance…especially when it comes from someone wiht a mustache ;-P

  22. Wow. Those hooks are awesome.

    The micros are nifty, a nice change of pace. Not that everyone needs to worry about breastfeeding (I wouldn’t if I had them) But I don’t imagine they would get in the way. In any case it would be something you would want to take up with your individual piercer and doctor.

  23. Not really. Noones saying (at least not me) that woman HAVE to shave. People can do whatever they want with their body. Im just commenting on MY personal THOUGHTS. THey are an opinions merely.

    Id hate to break this to you guys, but not everyone is going to like everything they see. And being a PUBLIC forum, you can epect people to give both praise and scorn where due.

  24. Bwah! I love these! Hairy armpitted ladies win my heart, and I also quite love microdermals.

  25. sorry cere, i read “have to” in between the lines in some postings here (not only in this entry…hairy pits seem to be the gozzila under the bodyparts…lol), but i did not meant you´re posting especially.

    the mustache was i little loke…don´t be offended too much ;-)

  26. Ew. Body hair.

    I think arm pit hair is unattractive on both men and women.

  27. Well now Ive only just realised im on here AGAIN!

    Twysted – its only part ur face! doesnt count :P

    Yes indeed that is my Arm pit hair, ive been growing it for quite some years now. I love it muchly.
    Thankyou for everyone who said they liked it, fair play to those who do not.
    My only aim in life is to show people that it really doesnt matter what u look like. Whether you have big mods such as tats and piercings, or simple social taboos like hair showing when society says it really shouldnt.

    I look good cos i know i look good. At the end of the day, no one elses opinion really matters.


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