42 thoughts on “Every Photo Tells A Story..

  1. err im assuming she’s pregnant since it’s a happy ending? only other happy ending is orgasm ;) muahah.

  2. I’ve never had pictures taken while I was naked or having sex, but that sure does look like me naked (minus the scar on the hip)

  3. It took me ages to work out what the big black thing between her legs was. Sadly I’m not really used to craning my neck that way :op
    I do like the pic very sexy and intimate

  4. uh 14, their stretch marks. they happen. I have them and I’m a dude. modblog is hardly the place for airbrushed bimbos.

    This is real, stubbled, and yeah, stretchmarked erotica.


  5. “who takes time out of sexin’ for taking pictures? weirdos.”

    Maybe you should try it sometime. Might spice up your own sex life.

  6. HAHAHAHA I’m an idiot! i look at it and went “Yeah….she’s sitting on a lounge…what’s the story there?” but it’s more rough than a lounge :P

  7. zomg, Miaoudeminou, i came in here to say the same thing! except for the hip work, i could have sworn that was my body… except i don’t recall having hot sex with anyone except my husband…

  8. Wow! I love the subtle textures in this photo. It takes a while for everything to come clear and see what the photo is of….

  9. Wow whoever said something about stretch marks apparently never gets laid. Most women in general, regardless of size have stretch marks somewhere. Very few don’t.

  10. The first thing I saw was the face at the top, it lo0ks like a painting in my girlfriend’s room… Got mighty confused o_O haha

  11. AH HA!
    I FINALLY got what the picture was!
    It’s like a fucking “Magic Eye” or some shit!

    awesome pic!

  12. I’m pretty sure 99% of the world get stretch marks, my mother does, my dads fat belly does, my boyfriends incredibly long legs do and so do I.
    Obviously this james_in_dc is the 1% that didn’t get them.

  13. the story of 2 lover arrested for raping each other. at least that’s what it would be in Idaho because sex with your socks on is rape

  14. hawt

    the stretch mark comment reminded me of this comedian, “ladies stop fussin’ about your stretch marks, they mean 1 of 2 things; either you was big and got small, or small and got big…. either way we fuckin’”

    moral of this story? stretch marks = love and sex

  15. Yes I did need a little head tilting but thats a good thing! Lucky ppl in this pic! I think it’s brilliant and we need more like it! =p

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