D to the M to the T.

You may remember IAM: madroota from such ModBlog posts as Awesome suspension themed hand tattoo and Empire Strikes Hack, well, he’s back with his next thrilling installment! (The text of which I stole from his IAM page, added links and edited slightly without asking).

DMT is a chemical that occurs in most plant life and traces are also found in the human body. It’s function is unknown within the human body, however the Shaman believe that at forty one weeks after conception the mother feeds pure DMT into her unborn child and this is the point where we obtain our “soul” and spirit. DMT can be extracted from certain varieties of plant such as Wattle and Acacia to become a yellowish-red crystal.

If smoked or snorted these crystals can be one of the most potent psychedelic hallucinogens around!

Many ancient tribes throughout history have used DMT for spiritual rituals and just good old recreational use. This being said I thought it would be good idea to let the infamous Wayde Dunn cut the DMT molecular structure into my torso. From under my armpit wrapping around to my belly. I have to say I am extremely happy with the outcome, and once again Wayde has proved that he is one of, if not the best cutter around! Although the over all design is relatively simple the numbers and letters seemed a little tricky due to their size but turned out perfectly! So thank you Wayde and thank you to who ever discovered the extraction process of DMT (Roo: Gonçalves de Lima).

That’s quite enough of that, back to the regular schedule!

32 thoughts on “D to the M to the T.

  1. Sorry, but the idea that some plant-derived compound suddenly shows up in the placenta in massive quantities at the end of pregnancy and imbues the unborn child (which already has a reasonably well-developed brain by this time) with a soul sounds like a total fairytale.

    I don’t know and therefore will not make any judgements on potential benefits or harm caused by its use by adults, but please don’t quote ridiculous pseudoscientific speculations on developmental biology.

  2. #5: Wow, and here’s me thinking all beliefs were based on 100% scientifically proven facts! I guess you really do learn something new every day.

  3. Hell To the motherfucking Yes. Dmt is the crazyest drug out there and I give mad props to anyone who has done it or even knows what it is. Its funny cause I was thinking of getting the DMT molecule tattoo’d inside my sleeve, I was just talking about it with my artist the other day. Funny how that works

  4. Wayde is the shit! I’m blown away every time I see his work! Including the cutting he did on me 🙂

  5. DMT has provided me the some of the most valuable perspective imaginable. Its use should be required by law…well, not really but you get my point 🙂

  6. Lol at #7

    Nice cutting, also, DMT is a very enlightening drug. A lot of Buddhist monks say it’s fairly similar to what reaching a higher consciousness is like.
    I think, don’t quote me on that, I’m pretty tired.

  7. enlightening drug eh? the times I’ve seen individuals on DMT they’ve completely lost all bodily functions and saw them being carried to the bathroom in a fit of vomit, piss and shit while screaming and crying wildly.

    they were the best of raves and they were the worst of raves lmao

    In my eyes DMT is worse then a terrible ether binge in Las Vegas.

  8. #14
    If you were taking dmt as a rave drug i could see people freaking the fuck out cuz they thought it was just another hallucinogen 😛 You gotta prepare yourself for your meeting with your true self; and i guess shitting yourself is a common response when the blinds are torn open ;P

  9. #14 DMT on a rave ? you must be crazy DMT is not a recreational party drug its something you do while prepared and with a sitter. a friend of mine has some plants so if i get there i can use it 😀 anyway the scar is so cool

  10. and i should add, DMT is a COLORLESS crystal. And no tribe uses ayahuasca for recreation.

  11. the more i find out about this DMT the more i wanna try it,
    but i think i might have to be making it myself….
    **goes to find bunsen burner**

  12. Everybody’s talking about DMT here…so maybe I’m the only one proclaiming their love for Chemistry-related mods? *runs off to go get a life in her physics book*

  13. #5 DMT occurs in just about everything, plants and animals alike. DMT appears or is “injected” on the 49th(believed that the soul enteres the body on this day, or it takes 49 days for reincarnation to occur in some buddhist traditions) day of the fetus, into its body most likely by the pineal gland. DMT is made in our bodies during sleep, death and sometimes very exstatic moments. Joe Rogan is not a very good “teacher”

  14. Hey smufc, I’m another one! I’m thinking about getting an amino acid chain tattooed round my arm to celebrate finishing my chemistry degree!

  15. the dmt is not really made during specific times just released, most notably during the birth and death of a person and is often believed that it is the body’s way of coping with the extreme stress that it is being put through so that the experience is less traumatic

  16. 😛 Joe might not be a good teacher but he certainly captivates those who havent got a clue what it is.

  17. #25, thank you for the reference to DMT, The Spirit Molecule. I reccomend this book to ANYONE looking to further their knowledge about this amazing chemical. Even if you’re not the reader type it had me hooked for hours.

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