The Floor Is Made Of Lava!

I must admit, I’ve been putting off posting these for a few days, only because I like feet and what happened to Marcus is spoiling it a little for me..

Read more to found out how they got in this state!

The best part was when they scrubbed my feet and legs with toothbrushes twice a day..

I had a house fire! A propane tank leaked while I was living in a small town in Alaska, we had no natural gas lines which is why we had the tank.. Propane is heavier than air and it pooled around my feet and when it caught that spark my side and arm and face got kissed, but my feets took the brunt..

Actually, I guess the best part was the painkillers!

My feet are okay now although my tattoos are covered by unnecessary skin grafts. I could have healed in the right environment but I was three thousand miles from home and most of my friends didn’t even have running water. I ended up in the hospital for about two weeks, they did the skin grafts to speed up the healing and get my uninsured ass out into the real world. I was hobbling around on crutches at the bar a month later, munching pain pills, throwing up in trash cans, and hitting on old hot blondes!

Poor lad.

42 thoughts on “The Floor Is Made Of Lava!

  1. The toothbrush is the worst!!!
    I’m making my sad face for him. REALLY.

  2. yeah i’m wondering about tattoos on grafts aswell. though a skin graft is in a way a body modification if iv’e ever seen one, elective or not..

  3. Jim/MaybeJuly – It’s absolutely possible and I’m sure has been done many times. Onces a grafted area has healed there wouldn’t be any difference (apart from some minor discolouration) between that area and un-grafted skin.

  4. Atleast it didnt get infected, like mine did not as bad as that but still sucked. I looks like they are healing pretty well no purple scars.

  5. Rachel – You’re lucky, you didn’t have to edit them.

    uzneko – Great, thanks. My foot fetish is ruined, now I’m going to think of screaming skulls and burnt flesh.


  6. Nemski – I doubt the burns were quite that severe, and the only way though would happen is if things were left to their own devices.

    The hospital probably kept the toes out of each others faces with gauze.

  7. OMG, i almost lost my breakfast; i’m used to the modblog penis’ but burnt feet.. eeeeek!

  8. Roo: Toes have faces now? Great. I will never be able to polish my toenails again! ;)

  9. E-ouch!

    If there is one thing I can relate to in this story, its the munching pain pills, puking in random places and acting entirely out of character.
    While I was on long-acting morphine for a couple of years, I became especially good at discreetly throwing up in very public places. :S It’s just not fun… sure, narcotics makes you euphoric, but along with that usually comes severe, sudden nausea. I was particularly good at throwing up on busses, as I ride them all the time. Never underestimate the power of a plastic bag!

    Nice to see his feet well healed though. I’m curious about the tattoo coverage though. The top of his feet were obviously not that badly burned since the tattoo can be seen clearly and doesn’t have dead skin peeling off, so I wonder why they would graft on that area? … This could really turn into a tattoo-removal trend. A little burn here and there, a graft, and voila, its gone.

  10. wow thats shitty…especially loosing your tattoos…one of my best friends legs is burnt all the way up including her feet…she has skin grafts as well…we recently tried having work done …the tattoo artist should be able to tattoo on you as long as it is smooth and the skin isn’t bumpy with a lot of ridges and stuff…but yours look like it should be fine…and a plus is she didn’t feel a thing when she got tattooed!!!

  11. Several years ago, my tattoo artist of the time (she’s since moved out of state, dammit) told me a story of another customer of hers who’d been burned. They wound up using an area of tattooed skin as the source for the grafts on the burned area – so they sort of relocated part of the tattoo. Yes, it was visible in the new area.

  12. glad you’re doing better… sucks about the tattoos, but i’m sure you’ll agree that it’s nice to have skin covering your tootsies.

  13. RooRaaah Crumbs – Sweet. Ruining your random fetishes are exactly why I keep coming back to this site day after day <3

  14. thanks for makin my modblog dream come true roo.

    i’ve considered tattooing them again, i’ll probably make that decision one day.

    oh and those top photos were the morning after… as the days went by, more and more ink came out, almost like watching a dot work piece undone.

    also i’ve always been kind of a pervert, but now i really appreciate some delicate lovely feetsies even more…

  15. This sucks major ass. This is true pain dude. The most painful injury that i had to date (And i am 16) was my nearly amputated ring finger.

  16. I’m laughing at how people are saying that it looks painful. I think I’ve seen a few things on this site that could be considered more painful-looking >_<

    Hope you’re feeling better, dude!

  17. I didn’t realize the left foot was underwater; at a glance it looked mangled and made me gasp lol. But that’s gotta suck dude :/ ‘Gratz on not letting it stop you from going to the bar haha

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