24 thoughts on “Hurray for Serotonin and Noradrenaline..

  1. Fluoxetine is prescribed for depression, OCD or bulimia. I love the tattoo.

  2. i love the tattoo! i also take fluoxetine… for my depression, OCD, and anxiety… fluoxetine is also a substitute for prozac… mmmmmm prozac….

  3. i have dysthymia, a wimpy form of depression. and fluoxetine is the generic for prozac. yay.

    i’ve finally figured out how to stop it from making me cry randomly. it’s exciting

  4. Anna – I was prescribed Fluoxetine when I was recovering from a car crash and it did the exact opposite!

    I was basically emotionless for the entire course, which scared me far more than anything else. I’m used to crying :)

  5. Possets, an essential-oil perfume etailer, makes one frequently called “Fluoxetine” (which is actually easier than its official perfume name, “Fluoxe-something”). So she could have some extra Fluoxetine on her serotonin wrist to go with her fluoxetine! :D

  6. Prozac WILL simplify things – it squashes one’s libido and makes things ‘not work quite right’ so yeah, a sex-less existence is somewhat simpler in a lot of ways…..

  7. It’s nice to see some people who aren’t ashamed of their meds. It makes me feel less isolated and alone. Hoo-ray!

  8. i was also on Fluoxetine, was the happiest time of my life :D i took it for depression and anxiety, it stoped me crying every 5 mins, which was nice, and its good to see people not hiding away from the world with their problems and their meds that help them deal

  9. although im off them now, it makes me sad, after comming off fluoxetine i have noooo sex drive and also suffer from insomnia which sucks alot, i misses my fluoxetine

  10. These tatts are becoming more popular, i done ardenalin on myself in UV ink and 2 others on a mate in UV ink :P

  11. Being one of the many million of people diagnosed with depression, I could never help but think that it’s all in your head. How do we know we aren’t being given placebos? I was put on Fluox when I was younger and stopped taking them because I couldn’t see any change in attitude, Drugs or not I still hated life, still self harmed and still wanted to die. Once I realised that I FORCED myself to change and be happy. It was all in my head and if you get off your ass and do things that make you happy, in the end your mindset will follow suit. Humans were not designed to be pumped with mood altering drugs.
    I feel sorry for those who are dependant on those things to feel happy.. Get better soon.

  12. #12, uh, NO. It’s a lot simpler to be able to cope with stuff like answering the phone and going grocery shopping without freaking out, and not curling into a sobbing, suicidal fetal ball every handful of months, is what it is.

    If taking fluoxetine (or any med) makes life less enjoyable for you than not taking it, clearly you don’t need it. Couldja stop spouting ignorant crap about the meds that actually keep some of us alive, not to mention giving us a life worth living? Kthxbye.

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