This photo was taken by an unknown operative at a party that Sarvas (pictured doing questionable things to an anatomical model) attended. I guess if nobody will let you feel their boobs, plastic man-lungs will have to do..

In case you’re wondering, the fish is saying – “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me (and my corrupting lotion?!)”

I think.

18 thoughts on “Bodysnatching!

  1. haha. this picture is hilarious. and i’m diggin his tattoos. oh and the viking helmet is the perfect accessory to any anatomical model. lol.

  2. Why don’t I ever go to partys that end in photos like this?
    I am clearly not cool.

  3. dammit Sarvas! How many times I gotta tell ya! Treat your slaves with a bit more care! You can’t be ripping apart their fleshes just cuz you want to see whats on the inside while you be bum sexin them!!! ;P

  4. Mr. Will, this is why I’ve stopped going to parties, because they always end with me starring in photos like this. (SARVAS holding my life-less torso, hiding his naked self…?)

  5. Somebody clue me in: What’s a “reason party” and why does it involve viking helmets and anatomical models? If it can also entail Valvoline and Skee-ball I may have to throw one.

  6. i think the last bit is ‘and my committed action’ rather than corrupting lotion :P

    that models eyebrow scares me a little.

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