Bonza Eyelid Piercing.

This wicked eyelid piercing is by Bonzin of BodyArtStudio, Osaka, Japan..

Oh and Bonzin – Update your IAM page!

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21 thoughts on “Bonza Eyelid Piercing.

  1. still a bad idea. can be done and should be done maintains a very broad line between them and i worry about how much that has been taken into consideration. i appreciate that some wearers might really enjoy it and ill never take that away from them. but it concerns me that idle hands will attempt these and cause some irreversible damage to their clients. is it really worth it?

  2. I agree Telyn :) I’ve been looking at these and I think this one is very nice indeed. -Goes to read link-

  3. Put a piece of metal in your head you said
    To make you dead
    Make you hipper hipper hipper hipper

  4. This squicks me out more than anything (bar possibly eyeball tattooing) on here, I did want to read the interviewy thing(I’m not even sure what Roos link was cos i glanced at the photo and went squiffy) :S

    But serious Kudos to the wearer if they like it.

    P.S. Roo you are bad for me, you post such good stuff so frequently! I’m amazing at procrastination and seem to spend my whole time (when i am supposed to be revising A Level German) checking modblog for more gorgeous pics…..hmmmmm

  5. Distortion of retina? Not. (Too far back toward the brain.) Of sclera? Likely. Scratching of cornea? Nearly certain. Eye doctors’ verdict negative, no doubt. But how many dentists will recommend oral piercings?

  6. Although the photo is kickass (looks kinda like the bead is his iris/pupil!) I feel like that’s an awful idea.. kind of along the lines of gum piercings =\

  7. TripleHelix: Sorry terminology not quite exact, its morning.

    Here’s the thing…Dentists won’t be like: “yeah totally you should do it!” nor will they be: “You should totally NOT do this!” If you do it they’ll frown a bit but they won’t recommend or be against them…Unlike ee doctors and optometrists that will flat out be 100% against this concept.

    But at least the pressure being applied to the actual sclera and cornea,etc will be more serious a matter to a person then damaging their teeth.

    At least for now, in a couple of years as soon as they have enough time to make bionic eyes,etc sure…But until they can cure blindness or if you actually want to later on potentially be forced into wearing glasses…I say go for it!

    As the saying goes just because you CAN do something, doesn’t always mean you should.

  8. touche triple helix :) and to warren

    if you remember back many years ago getting any oral piercing was nuts, and a tounge piercing would potentially kill you. but now its known as common, safe, and easy. hell after a while you dont have to take any care of it and youve got food and who the hell else knows what gettin in there.

    with your eye youve got tears and shit cleanign it. and idk, i want my eyelid done, but idk, i think ill wait

  9. Whew. Glad to see the entire mod community isn’t all “zOMG how KEWL likewhoa!!!111!11!!1″ over this utterly ridiculous piercing. It’s bad enough when people damage their teeth/gums on oral piercings, or sustain nerve damage due to any number of piercings, but damaging your eyes, man, that’s a whole new level of harm…

  10. I can’t say anything positive about this. I don’t even think it looks good to me. That’s opinion only.

    And for the record, I no longer pierce tongues or labrets. Call it a personal limit.

  11. Even if I did like this piercing (which I don’t) I would be far to afraid to get it done because I have a thing about needles or anything sharp near my eyes. Getting my eyebrows and nose pierced was bad enough because the needle was way to close to my eyes for comfort. So definetly count me out on ever getting this done.

  12. Warren–
    No argument that eye damage, of whatever sort, is a lot more serious than a chipped tooth or gum recession. Couldn’t pay me to get this done.
    Still, one reason I read Modblog is to see limits being pushed. Maybe the world is a slightly better place for having a few people willing to try seriously crazy shit.

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