Stop! Knuckle Time!!

Apologies for the fewer than usual posts today (at least it seems I haven’t posted as much) but it’s been busy and I’m not feeling well. I’ll make it up to you, starting with this impromptu collection of knuckle piercings on (and by) Brian of Studio Graphics, Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Read more for some tongue-split-on-shiny-knuckle action, and an incredibly deep explanation of how they came to be..

I just got bored at work and decided to try and pierce my knuckles. It was sore for the first day (Roo: Funny that) but then when I woke up if I had my hand below my waist* the piercings would get mega sore.


24 thoughts on “Stop! Knuckle Time!!

  1. 😀 ive done this before, they didn’t reject either, but my principal at my school is a party pooper and said it was a “disruption” just like my lip and ears and other random surface piercings are. yours look much better then mine, and are much bigger gauges.
    p.s. don’t do the next part of your finger (after the joint, i also forgot what its called, lol) it hurts ALOT more. :s scars nice thou

  2. Ha. That’s cute. How come the pinkie wasn’t done? How does it feel making fists?
    Nice beard.

  3. My guess is by “below the waist”, he’s suggesting that he had to keep his hand elevated in order for it to not be sore… and below was too low?

  4. 4: i didnt do the pinky cause it wouldnt line up right with the rest of em. Its the second time ive done it and i really wanna keep em but they are just too much of a pain in the ass with gloving up all the time. It was good stuff tho.

  5. Ouch! I knew a tattoo artist who had anchors in that area and lost them because of all the gloves. Good luck with them.

  6. ive done it too, its not too bad of pain, me and my fiance are piercing eachothers fingers when we get married in december. 🙂

  7. I think the “below the waist” thing might have something to do with the blood flowing slower on areas above the heart (¿?) Of course I may be completely wrong =)

  8. Congrats on making modblog Brian!!! I would just like to throw in that the picture would not have had as much impact if you wouldn’t have all the sweet facial piercings!!!

  9. 13: thats pretty much it. hit the nail on the head.

    Amanda: Of course the facial piercings make the picture! Done by one of the best in my eyes!

  10. …not to be rude, but you’re a piercer?

    Shouldn’t you know better? (I’m guessing by the fact that you’re selling used organic jewelry and used ‘black titanium’ on your page that you don’t…)

    If you just did these for fun and then took them out a minute later I guess I could see that… but trying to heal them? While washing your hands (if you are) and gloving up (please tell me you are) so often? And trying to explain proper placement of piercings to clients with something like that on yourself? How does that work?

  11. “And trying to explain proper placement of piercings to clients with something like that on yourself? How does that work?”

    Hey, my cousin told me that a long straight bar through the navel was not a good idea while he was wearing a completely unproperly placed bar on his arm! Some of us can see the difference between what you do for fun and what you do to last.

  12. 19: I am a piercer. I do know better. I did these for a friends wedding in all actuality and did it knowing they were gonna come out cause i do not have my head up my ass. As far as the rest of the comments about gloves, hand washing, and the quality of work i provide to my clients, dont assume that you are the only person out there thats not half retarded. Until next time im gonna go to farm and fleet and pick me up some safety pins and pierce this dudes knee cap with a ring thingy but first i gotta go to walmart and get some finger cots…douche

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