Her Boyfriend Dreads Her!

This, is IAM: Toots, and in this photo you can clearly see she has new dreads that V15U4L 3RR0R did for her, you can also see that it’s a self-done photo, as per usual.

19 thoughts on “Her Boyfriend Dreads Her!

  1. haha i was a little confused about her boyfriend dreading her until i saw the pic.

  2. Wow, just wow. Her hair looks just stunning. The question whether or not I should dread my hair cleary tends to one side…

  3. I think i’ve seen her on Heavenly Hair Board!
    Very gorgeous girl!

  4. “you can also see that it’s a self-done photo, as per usual

    I’m afraid I don’t understand that last part of the caption, or why it’s in italics. I’m not picking on you Roo, I’m just confused :( Has someone accused her of faking photos or something? I want a green fuzzy rug/blanket thing.

  5. Jaymie – Nope, it was included with the photo. She was complaining (with humour) that she always takes photos of herself :)

    It makes sense if you read the last sentence of the entry!

  6. V15U4L 3RR0R – Done! Sorry about that, I remember in the submission details her mentioning “her husband did them for her”, and I assumed she was referring to the dreads.

  7. Thank you :) I think she meant that they were installed by him because they’re synth dreads not real ones lol.

    Thanks once again for sorting this out. I really appriciate it.

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