Boy in the Hood

My son Marshall never leaves empty handed, or armed..

By Lawrence “You’re not a man until you have a tattoo!” Cassels, Golden Needlez, North Bay ON.

80 thoughts on “Boy in the Hood

  1. The body paint is fine, but I always find it nasty to see piercings on kids that young… Just really don’t like it

  2. Adorable.

    Reminds me of my first trip to a tattoo parlor with dad when I was 4 and I was given a press on tattoo. I felt so cool and I bet this kid does too.

  3. looks alot like paint or similar

    honestly tho, call me a dick, but I would report anyone getting tattoos for their friggin 6 year old to child services. But I am the type of person that believes that circumsizing babies is severe, severe child abuse.

  4. That’s not real, guys. it doesn’t look swollen or red at all, not to mention there is no ink rubbed around his arm anywhere.

  5. Agreed, the earring’s gtg. Same bad idea as cutting lil kids’ hair in a mohawk.

  6. I don’t understand the hate against this child’s piercing, he’s old enough to decide if he wants it, and it’s only in his ear, it’s not like it’s going to scar him for life. I know when I was his age I got my first piercings because I begged and begged my parents for them. My brother was the same.

  7. “Same bad idea as cutting lil kids’ hair in a mohawk.”

    Nah, it’s hair. Hair grows back!

  8. emma… he’s old enough to know whether or not he wants it? WOW. that was ignorant. he’s like fucking 4. he also looks sickly.

  9. UHM. I was close to his age when I got my ears pierced for the first time. It was MY idea, and the whole ride there my mother kept asking if I was sure. Thus an infatuation began. I’m sure he’s old enough to decide if he wants his ear pierced. And the (assumingly fake) tattoo looks cute. I don’t think he looks unhappy, either. Just not ready for the picture.

  10. I dont know why everyone gets so worked up as its obviously not a real tattoo and if the child/childs parents want him with an ear piercing under whatever curcumstances them its up to them and its best not to judge unless you know the whole story.

    Now everyone shut up and comment on how cute he looks. Blimeyy…people in this place.

  11. i think it’s ridiculous you can offend that. other than for traditional reasons, i think it would be ridiculous to allow your child to get pierced. they have literally… no judgement. and if you think i’m wrong in saying that than you clearly don’t remember being a child.

  12. Things such as hairstyle and clothing types on kids are irrelevant to this topic. Easily changed, non permanent. A mohawk is just the same as if you put a bowl on a kid’s head and cut around it like most parents used to.

    The tattoo is fake, people need to seriously unbunch their panties and take an observant eye to this. There’s no redness, no ink, no tear streaks from where a 6 year old would have obviously cried during the procedure. His looks? He looks tired and not “ready” for the picture. The end.

    The piercing is real. So what? If he decides he doesn’t want it, he can choose to take it out just as easily. Why can’t a kid decide for themselves when they want something so minor? If it’s the factor of whether or not they can take care of it…it’s as simple as this:

    “Go brush your teeth and wash your ears Johnny! I want proof when you come out of that bathroom!”

    “Okay mom!”

  13. why all the bitchin? kids cute, go him. Wish I had fake tattoos like that when I was little

  14. ..not to mention all places that pierce with a cbr and a needle wouldn’t pierce a kid who doesn’t want to get pierced. weilding a piercing gun is one thing, but a needle? the kid better be sitting n ice and wanting it badly.

    I have no problem with someone getting their ear pierced when they want it. who cares how old/young they are? it beats parents piercing their newborn girls ears with a GUN anyday, that’s for sure.

  15. The tattoo is obviously fake. And I don’t get all the earring hate, you can take an earing out later if you don’t like it and be left with a barley visible scar. Personally I would wait until my kid was old enough to make a decision about piercings, but I had mine done as a baby and I’m not angry at my parents one bit.

  16. I can’t believe people are upset about the piercing. Pretty much every girl I ever knew had their ears pierced by like 2nd grade, I know I did. Why is it any different for a boy?

  17. Imagine your som came back from playing with his friends, shows you his arm…with a big tattoo…I want to see her face ..haha

  18. I dont think anyone in their right mind would tattoo someone that young.

    And i agree with VOMIT. I had my ears pierced in first grade. My brother had his in second grade.

  19. I would also like to know if the same comments (about the earring) would be made if the picture was of a little girl? My mother had my ears pierced at birth, which is extremely common in Mexico … so what difference would there be in having the same thing done to your boy?

    To be fair, my mother had to have her ears repierced due to migration, but mine are fine and it’s usually not a big deal.


  20. dofnup – I think pretty much the same reaction would be had if it were a girl. Ear piercings for babies may be common in mainstream society; people around here tend to frown upon that kind of thing. :)

    I know one person who had her ears pierced when she was about three: her mother dragged her literally kicking and screaming to have it done, and she’s been screwed up about piercings ever since. Pain in the arse for me, I can tell you (I quote: ‘Ugh, get away, I don’t even want to look at you!’).

    Mind you, if the kid’s got no problem with it, I don’t see why anyone else should. He can take it out if he grows to dislike it.

  21. I don’t think that babies should have their ears pierced – for one, they may not want one at all. I know several people that just aren’t interested in piercings, period, whether it’s an ear or not. The biggest problem with it is that they might migrate, which is an issue for a friend of mine that would like to stretch her ears, but would have to be pierced again first.
    But, by this age, the kid’s going to know if he or she would like a shiny little stud or ring in his ear. There’s also a smaller chance of migration.
    Seriously, folks. Rejoice that it doesn’t seem to have been done by a gun, (I’m sure parents submitting to ModBlog know better) and start rallying for something more serious, like routine circumcision.

  22. ah, the collective virtual soapbox…

    regardless of whether you think it’s right or wrong, his lobe looks 100% more healthy than a TON of adult ‘healed’ piercings.

    cute tattoo, it reminds me of drawing in pen on my friends in elementary school.

  23. Holy shit I dident expect such an interest, I thought it was cute thats it. The tattoo is fake. He was very happy, I told him to look cool for the picture thats why he’s no smiling. Its sharpies and it was stenciled.

    His sister(age 2) got her ears pierced and naturally he wanted one. He was 3 at the time now 4. I even stretched it from 18 to 14 gage ewwwwwwwwww.

  24. see, i don’t think he looks sickly or tired or miserable or anything. i think he’s doing the “oh good good, are you taking ANOTHER picture?” i’m sporting the same “put the goddamn camera away” look in half of my childhood photos.

    i think he looks like a little badass, to be honest. damn cool kid, friggin adorable to boot.

    i wish my parents had given me cool temporary tattoos when i was little, all i got was teeny tiny ones that washed off a day later. :(

  25. It’s well funny when people go “OMG, is that a real tattoo?!!!11!1one!1!” at pictures like this. Of course it’s not, grow a brain.

  26. I have to say the kid is old enough to decide if he wanted his ear(s) pierced. I was three when I got mine done, by choice. Picked out the studs and all. (I, unfortunately, didn’t know any better about ear piercing guns, though.)

    Bill: I have to disagree that children have no judgment. Everyone is different. I know plenty of adults who do not think about the repercussions of their choices, and there are quite a few children I’ve known to be wiser than adults in those matters. It all depends upon the individual.

  27. 47. are you kidding? ya… kids know what they do but really? you sound ridiculous even making that comparison.

  28. and whoever drew that tattoo on him…

    i would love to see you actually tattoo. nice work! ha.

  29. Until they come up with temporary permanent tattoos, I would always let a kid have a piercing (within reason) rather than a tattoo. Piercings can be removed and easily repaired if need be, but removing a tattoo is a royal pain in many ways. Most kids are more than happy with the fakes and the idea of being able to change it anytime they wanted is very appealing to them. They can experiment with different ones and when they’re ready, they can finally get the real thing. And yes, the kid is cute!

  30. #52 – “Temporary permanent tattoos?” If I’m not mistaken, a tattoo that is once permanent has no possible way of being temporary. Logically, it’s either temporary or permanent, nothing in between.

    Kid’s looking badass, by the way. As is the fake tattoo.

  31. ah, I’m jealous. Back when I was a kid all we got were those crappy press on tats that started to peel off and look nasty less then 10mins later.
    Meanwhile, this kid gets to be awesome for at least a whole week thanks to the power of sharpies.

    Very cool.

  32. Its sharpies and it was stenciled.

    Aha. Yeah, I assumed it was not actual ink but I was going to ask, is there somewhere you can custom order the usual style of temporary tattoos? Better yet is there some sort of DIY art kit?

    Because it’d be a cool gift.

    Drawing with markers is an option too, of course – I’m surprised more people don’t do it, actually.

    As for the ear pierce, yeah, it’ll probably mostly grow in if he takes it out.

    I have an ear pierce that I was allergic to as a child (it was gunned with gold in it) and removed but it never quite fully grew over so I have a dimple – of course now I’m seriously considering getting it pierced properly now that there is better jewellery and knowledge out there.

    It’s got a knot of scar inside, but I’m thinking a real piercer can probably do it right and nice.

  33. Aww he’s a cutie, and I think he just looks tired! I’ll bet he feels so proud that he got to go to a real shop and have someone work on him. (with paint that is!) My daughter has an airbrushing tattoo set for kids and takes it everywhere! it works awesome and came with kewl stencils too.

  34. Dofnup… are you a Koontz fan? :)

    In general… eh, whatever. Wish I had temp tattoos that cool when I was a kid.

  35. #28: “it beats parents piercing their newborn girls ears with a GUN anyday, that’s for sure.”

    exactly what I was going to say – I got my ears pierced with a gun at age 6, or 7 I think. And people generally don’t disapprove of that, so what’s different when it’s on a boy?
    (I know that people tend to disapprove of guns but I mean, my parents knew and know shit about bodymodification so I don’t blame them; it’s so mainstream to get it done at the local jeweler’s).

  36. Thats so cute!
    I have been working in a piercing shop where a 6-year-old boy was asking for tunnels to himself with his dad o_o he had already 8mm in his both ears and they looked huuuuuge ^___^

    damn i like kids<3

  37. Christ, people need to pull their wedgies out. It’s just an ear piercing, the kid wanted one, and it’s not the end of the damned world. People around here are always so caught up in the idea of “being capable of making an important decision” that they forget that it is an EAR. PIERCING. It’s not like if he looks at it in five years and goes “eww what was I thinking”, he can’t take it out. So calm down, breathe a little, and stop taking things so seriously.
    God. When did talking about mods stop being fun?

  38. Calm down, take taal’s advice and dewedge your panties!!!!!!

    What a cool kid!
    There’s nothing wrong with a friggen ear piercing on a kid that age. Jeeeeeeze…

  39. This child appears to be at least 5 years old….that’s old enough to know if you want your ears pierced or not. As long as there’s an adult keeping an eye on the kid and making sure they clean their ears, and don’t, oh, i don’t know, rub poop on them, where’s the freaking harm?
    I’m actually shocked that people are upset over a damn earring…but then, maybe I shouldn’t, considering the “ZOMG is that tattoo real!111!!!!!!!” crowd.
    Internets. Serious Business.

  40. It’s funny to see how closed minded people can be in a BODY MODIFICATION website.

    Christ. Give it a rest people. CHILL.

  41. Wow, all this over a fucking fake tattoo and earring?
    Some people need to get lives.
    I had my ears pierced when I was 7. If I had it my way they’d have been done when I was 4 and I would have saved a lot of my parent’s money on not buying stick on earrings. Stick on earrings >.< haha I always tried to play them off as real.

  42. I begged my mom for lobe piercings at age two.

    I couldn’t take care of them, so it wasn’t wise, no… but I don’t think I didn’t know what I wanted. I was sad until I got them re-done in adolescence, because *I really wanted to be pierced*.

    Which, from what I gather, is generally an experience a lot of people in the bodmod community recognize.

    Why is that feeling not legit from someone “too young?” This kid looks healthy. Which means he didn’t have the problems I had. Which means it’s fine, IMO, unless he was pierced nonconsensually.


    Holy geez, people. I got my first lobe piercings when I was six, after begging and pleading with my parents, and at least this kid most likely got his done properly, rather than with a gun like I did. And oh my god, the tat is obviously fake, chill. out. What kid didn’t stick dollar store temp tats all over themselves?

    I like this pic, it’s cute. :)

  44. If my kid was this age, and wanted their ear pierced (boy or girl), I would say yes.

    Now stop freaking out over something like this.

  45. I teach alot of kids and they always come in with temporary tattoos on just because this one is well done as compared to a stick on one doesnt mean its any different. Everyone needs to chill out a little.

  46. @21
    Sickly? Why, because he isn’t overweight or obese like 2/3 of American children? He looks perfectly healthy to me. Piercings on young children are an emotional topic, and you are free to debate it all you wish. But why attack the personal appearance of a little boy? He is adorable, as is his “tattoo”.

  47. That is so adorable!! A lot of the kids on my school bus wear temp tats,too.

  48. If you think a 4 year old can’t say ” I want my ears pierced” and mean it then you must not know much about kids. My sister wanted her ears pierced at four. Talked about it non-stop for weeks. Her 5th bday was coming up so I took her to an actual piercing professional, not that mall gun crap. She sat through both piercings and cbr insertion like a champ. There’s a picture of her delighted face on my IAM page.

  49. People going on about the kid having an ear piercing?
    Its not such a big deal, especially when you compare him to some kids,
    Like Pauly Unstoppable himself, he started stretching his ears, and pierced his PA himself when he was 11 or so.
    The ear will close up if he takes it out, its no big deal.
    The tattoo looks awesome and is obviously not real.

  50. thats very cut, great fake-tat.
    but childrens should not have earrings i think.

  51. Nice, j’aime beaucoup, tatouons les enfants, customise tes gosses! Hope it’s real

  52. awww what cute kid. gorgeous blue far as to whether or not he should have tats/ piercings, i wont say anything other than ,i have had my ears pierced since i was 1 year old. im a chic though so i guess its different.

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