30 thoughts on “Swiss Cheese

  1. super lame…but definately LOLworthy anyway lololol…made me laugh 😀

  2. miam 😀 i don’t know if i know him, he looks like somebody i know… * damn don’t have access to iam grrr*

  3. I would totally smear him on a cracker.

    ….That sounded a lot less pervy in my head, I’m sorry.

    The play piercings look beautiful. I have a question, though – how do most play piercings scar, if at all? Will he be left with a pattern of scars like this afterwards? If so that is an added bonus…

  4. hot!

    how exactly do play piercing rituals (?) work? i’m pretty interested, but i couldn’t do them myself, and i don’t know anyone who does them/i would like to be really comfortable with someone doing them

  5. hes cute, sure, but without body hair i feel like im looking at a little boy…

  6. Damnit. Here I was trying to click because I wanted there to be a click through with a naked shot. Why do you have to tease me like that roo?!?

  7. sparrowgirl-

    from my experience I’ve had very little scarring. I had 18 needles @ a 16g in two circular designs on my stomach which left no scarring at all.
    I also had my ribcage corsetted and it did scar, but the scarring wasn’t that bad.

    🙁 kind of wish it did scar up more 🙂

  8. nice photo, good job on the freehand placement on yourself!

    6,7: how does play piercing work? you get a bunch of needle tips and poke them into yourself or a friend, just under the skin. it can be pretty, but it doesn’t have to be, it’s about the endorphin rush. when you’re done, maybe 5 mins to an hour after piercing, the needles are all removed and the blood can finally escape! piercing very close to the surface is particularly intense, as there are more tactile nerves. ritualistically, it’s usually done as (or part of) a bdsm scene or with basically no ritual at all, other than the ritual of methodical hygeine that comes with any piercing. sometimes it’s sexual, sometimes it isn’t.

    even 18g needle marks are usually red dots at most by the morning and gone the day after that, so unless you deliberately pierced the same area repeatedly and/or used blunt needles it’s very unlikely you’ll make a permanent scar. i guess in theory you could do exactly that, but you’d be damaging more than just the sites of entry and exit, i would strongly advise against it.

  9. Too skinny, but has the potential to be extremely hot!

    And nice one, Roo. Hyuk hyuk. 😉

  10. 14, 15, thanks for the info. 🙂 I guess just sticking to scarification is a better idea if you want scars, but I’m definitely interested in play piercing…like I said scars would be a bonus, the experience is what I’m after really.
    Again, though, I definitely think play piercing has aesthetic value when done like this, to fit the contours of the piercee’s body.

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