23 thoughts on “Hang The Freaks High

  1. This thread has brought up something I find really funny about this place:

    Man hanging from hooks pulling at bleeding punctures in his abdomen = No problem

    Penis = Immediate cry for cover-up

  2. /me agrees with 6. WHAT? It’s not like it’s “work safe” with the genitals blurred out.

  3. I did write something along the lines of “his penis isn’t the centre of attention and I didn’t even spot it when I was editing the photo”, which is true..

    It reminds me a little of this, not the video (although you should watch it), the last two paragraphs..

  4. LOL yeah, I didn’t notice it at first, either! The blurring immediately draws attention there.

  5. awww why the sensor roo? this is bme, theres much worse than a (pardon the pun lol) little “dong” here and there.

    if someone is afraid of seeing either of the baby makers there at the wrong damn site XD

  6. Now it looks weird with the piercings but no dong to hang them from. T.T

    Is it weird that that made me think of the LolCats “invisible” pics?

  7. i have no idea why, but this suspension photo makes my stomach churn… his skin looks irregularly elastic.

  8. no one ever answers me… why are BME penises SO SMALL?! i mean.. really ???

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