48 thoughts on “Captain No Pants.

  1. that man is INCREDIBLY sexy. thats very rare for me to say… so sexy. so sexy.

  2. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Easily the most attractive BMEboy in months, maybe even a year. 110% perfect body, face, hair, etc.

    Last thing in the ENTIRE world that I need to see is glamor shots of Lane Jensen’s pubic hair.
    Love him or hate him – we don’t needa see that!!! Ack!

  4. Why did Lane Jensen’s pubic hair get modblog’ed when there are THOUSANDS of people doing viable body piercings with high quality (not ‘crappie’ thai) body jewlery.

  5. why can’t I get that damn Sex & The City quote out of my head:

    Honey I could be on Death Row and still not have THAT situation

    *looks at his own body and frowns* christ on a pogo stick I need to hurry up and get on the laser hair removal kick asap.

  6. Oh god, why does he keep getting modblogged?

    Seriously last thing we need to see is the pubes of this guy

  7. whatever. this pic is hot. I don’t see folks complain at all about the naked ladies that turn up here, so can the whiney pseudo-homophobic comments.

  8. steroids? Joking right?

    I can say without even a little doubt that that body can be achieved with a relentless regimen of carne asada burritos, boiled eggs, and 40 ounces.

  9. valon oddity: Lane’s body doesn’t show any roid usage IMHO. He probably did some weightlifting in the past and a bit of sedentarism in the present time. A fuckload-of-steroids user would definitely feature more muscular definition, size and vascularity. I don’t know him, but I have to think this guy just has good genetics. I don’t understand why a lot of you guys get all pissed-off by him.

  10. darylect: Actually I am not a fan of the naked women or naked men… I have to deal with nudity on a chronic basis and have been since 2001, in some shape or form.

    But hey whatever is deemed worthy of ModBlogging via Roo is fine by me…I’ll just not over analyze the nudity much…Hence why you don’t see me fawning/posting over any naked women pictures on here or anything.

    Earthbound Misfit: I think what Valon might be referring to is post-roidal use..As in perhaps it was used in the past and no longer. If someone has ceased using roids their muscular definition, size,etc reduce and I’ve seen many post-roids individuals look somewhat similar to Lane’s body type.

    However unless this picture has been photoshopped heavily it doesn’t appear Lane has done many(or at all) roids based on his skin complexion.

    Maybe its good genetics…Maybe he just exercises unlike a lot of us lazy intardweb fucks or maybe he has done roids in the past…In the end, why the fuck does this even matter?

  11. Although I appreciate the concern, Warren your very wrong. This photo is raw other than being cropped. The quality of light is due to a course I took with Michael Grecco a famous photographer and my skin complextion is the way it is today. I have used steriods in the past but I have also lifted weights on and off for several years drug free. In the photo and for the past 3 months I have had no steriods in my system. It was simply a way of showing my naked body to the world. I am proud of it and who I am.

  12. Lane: Hence why I said only if if it was photoshopped to remove heavy roid use.

    I’ve personally known quite a number of individuals who often used steroids and it can do a serious number on ones skin complexion, especially while on the drug in the shoulder area and chest. Although I’ll go middle ground and say that I’m sure the complexion issue is something that will vary from person to person.

    essentially I was just trying to point out that I don’t see why we have to discuss your potential steroid use or non-steroid use, or exercise routine or how often you go to the bathroom,etc…The picture is as it shows thats all we can either like it or not.

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