42 thoughts on “Oh Crikey!

  1. Hey, Lexci,

    remember that time in the car this morning when I said

    “If this gets posted on Modblog, I will crawl up in a ball and DIE”

    BRB, dying.

  2. wow what a fantastic scar on the left ones chest, bra obstruction aside, its lovely!
    i like how modblog is on the monitor in the background too :P

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, it’s even funnier on modblog then it was in person. It was a little scarry though to see that vyky had enough pubic hair to lend to lexci

  4. This picture makes Vyky and Lexci look like they are the same size. So that either makes Vyky got big or Lexci got small.

  5. I laughed my ass off. And it appears to me that I’m not alone..

    well done ladies!

  6. Sexy ladies. Love the scar, and on the right that hint of tattoo is tantalising, want to see more!

  7. thats fuckin hilarious! although it took me a while. sad part was i noticed the picture in the backround….

    and still didnt realize they were mocking him. XD

  8. Okay, I wonder if old dude thinks women should shave but is one of those guys that doesn’t have the curtesy to shave himself?

    No, seriously guys, can us women get a nice pube trim every once in awhile? I don’t want to hear welcome to the jungle when I’m going down south.

  9. LOL Jay! Keen observation! Vyky is sitting about 6 feet ahead of me for this tricky camera angle that make us BOTH look “normal” size (For those who don’t know us – neither of us are. LOL!)
    We had fun doing it. It IS just taking the piss. …I could’ve showered or something. HA! This was after campfire at Dirk’s birthday and checking modblog.

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