13 thoughts on “Nose Bag

  1. i have noticed a lot of people with big septums that you would never suspect… him being one of them. i want to make mine big but i don’t wanna mess up my nose :(

  2. Heh. I would constantly be sticking stuff in my nose if I wore a septum that big. The picture looks hilarios, him trying to make a straight face with those things stuck through his nose.
    I like!

  3. :D I didn’t know Russel Peters had his septum pierced. I loved the vid, too.. that was great.

  4. I’m really intrigued about how he’s going to take the glasses out…

    On the other hand, I’m intrigued generally! What other kind of mods does he have?

  5. Coffee, what he’ll probably do is slide them to the extreme left, flip the arm of the glasses out, then do the same with the other side :)

    Most spectacles these day have flexible arms, like me.

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