Where’s Me Feet?!

IAM: Cerra and her baby-filled BME-logoed belly..

22 weeks and five whole days pregnant!

Push Cerra, Push! Actually it’s a bit early for that. Stop pushing Cerra, Stop!

22 thoughts on “Where’s Me Feet?!

  1. Roo and his commentary are growing on me greatley.

    “Stop pushing Cerra, Stop!” elicited a giggle.

    And the pictures beautiful too!

  2. She looks fantastic.

    Just a request, would we be able to see pics of the tats after the baby is born? I’d like to see how they hold up as I’m interested in getting tattoos on my own stomach.

  3. #4-
    I have tattoos across my lower stomach, and after one 8 lb 5 oz baby, they look almost identical to their pre-pregnancy state, with the exception of the c-section scar cutting through them (not my choice, I was pregnant for 43 weeks, never dilated). The only problem is that the scar from the c-section caused my stomach to pooch out, so I’m no longer so keen on showing off my pretty tattoos.

  4. thats a beautiful pic.

    always love seeing pictures of modded pregnant ladies.

    ever wondered why people say “pregnant ladies”…its not like we’ll get pregnant men!


  5. Thanks for the kind words!

    Vicky – I’ll be submitting photos the whole time, so I’ll be sure to do some after shots, also. So far there hasn’t been any distortion, even in the front, despite my obstetrician saying that there would be.

  6. im also curious to see past pregnancy pictures, i want to get my lower stomach done and i want kids, and i dont want to waste however much money on something id have to get redone or someting.

  7. ive heard (specifically from iam:twwlys experiences) that even distortion can go back to ‘normal’ afterwards!

    gorgeous pic

  8. Cerra, thank you so much. That’s great to hear :D Maybe I will get my stomach tattooed after all.

  9. she’s clearly not pregnant… she’s got a basket ball or something in there. or she’s one of those rare lucky women who only look pregnant in profile because they don’t gain any fat but baby. i’m going with basketball. it’s so perfectly roundy.

  10. You are all too kind, truly. And I really hope that it isn’t a basketball, you can’t really put one of those in a stroller or onesie!

  11. I say we have a week of pregnant and baby photographs :]
    I’m just over 11 weeks today and I adore seeing other modified parents!

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