I’d Chew Her Back

So, when I posted this people moaned because her backpiece wasn’t entirely visible. I emailed Tracie and asked politely if she had any photos she could send in. Being the awesome person she is, this is what arrived! Hope they clear things up a little..

Photos one and two are copyright Sarah Lippert, hellophoto.net – Click through for (slightly) larger views, and never say I don’t do anything for you, whinging buggers.

Apparently this is a giant cover-up, done entirely by Boom at Bad Apple Tattoo Co., Las Vegas. I’m sure now you’ll all be asking to see what it covered eh?

If you want to know what the script on her legs says or just fancy more of her, click here and scroll around to your hearts content.

22 thoughts on “I’d Chew Her Back

  1. Side boob, yay. That lack of eye detail on the mermaid just gives it so much character (I couldn’t stop thinking of beowulf)

  2. lol… didnt you promise, and i quote “I, RooRaaah Mew Crumbs do hereby solemnly swear to never post another photo of Tracie Hanna, as long as we both shall live*.”


  3. where are all the other girls??? THere are so, sO, Soooooo many other gorgeous more tattooed sexy ladies out there that should be featured here. It just gets boring when you post the same person over and over again… Sorry to say that, but its true!

  4. hey tracie… remember that time you pulled my car outta that snowbank so i could go buy booze? ya thanks for that. 🙂

  5. Punkelvse: If they’re out there, they’re free to send pictures.
    Otherwise, I doubt we’re going to see them.:]

    I like the third shot best – it looks kind of candid, with a simple beauty. Love the back piece.

  6. she looksa bit like barbara schöneberger with red hairs…very beautiful

  7. AWESOME!!!! thanks roo!!! xo
    p.s. there are tons of beautiful girls on iam, and all over the place. you cant tell me i dont show tons of love to the ladies on iam?? 😉

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