37 thoughts on “Pretty Flower Girl

  1. I love her eyes and her labret ring. Does anyone know or could take a guess what brand/colours she has on her eyes?

  2. MAC has great eyeshadows, in response to comment #1. the pigment is fantastic. check it out. its at department stores.

  3. you should find some more pics of this lovely lady. i’m curious to see the uber vivid ink she has on her right arm.

  4. wow…if it wernt for the vibrent tattooing on her arm i would think thats my ex-girlfriend….brrr i still get the shivers when i think of her…
    But on the other hand i think i would much rather date this girl if i could do i t a second time around…dam she is thourghly beautiful

  5. i know that girl she’s a poser, have tattoos just to be “more” popular, she suck!


  6. i wish i could blend out the harsh line on her eyeshadow and add a highlight. it would look SO much better then. however, love red and purple together. and i really wish we could see the tattoos!

  7. I think she looks like the Olsen twins…except able to think for herself. Still cute as hell.

  8. # 30 that’s what I was thinking… olsen twins…. still beautiful and I found her frenulum piercing very interesting.
    (not sure if frenulum is the correct word or spelling)

  9. 31, did you mean her uvula piercing (the one at the back of her throat)?
    I found that interesting, squicks me a bit though as I’m forever getting tonsillitis and I can’t stop thinking about what a terrible idea that would be for me….lol

  10. very cool picture!
    and greta, the eyeshadow looks like it could be kryolan. I love that stuff.

  11. she looks like one of the girls in the music video for crazy town- butterfly…

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