She Shines in the Pit.

Having once epilated my armpits (and my testicles when the hair was probably half an inch long) as a rather stupid experiment, I can only imagine how tender this might be afterwards..

Carolyn‘s “Stars of Sisterhood” tattoo.

12 thoughts on “She Shines in the Pit.

  1. Armpit tattoos really don’t hurt. I’ts around the armpit that bloody stings to get tattooed!

  2. I’ve got both armpits tattooed. I expected it to hurt like hell but to be honest, it wasn’t really all that horrible (certainly not nearly as bad as spots like back of the knee, over the backbone, etc). And the healing – again, surprisingly – was EXTREMELY quick and problem-free – makes sense, since the area never really dries out.

  3. Armpit tattoos ABSOLUTELY hurt. A lot, even. However, Comment #1′s right — in my experience, anyway. All the surrounding bits hurt 10x more.

  4. This looks really nice. :)

    I have my inner arm and underarm tattooed within about an inch and a half of my armpit and that was bearable. That’s ALL I’ve ever had tattooed though, so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

  5. Epilators are my favourite method of hair-removal. Testicles, though? OW. (Not that I’d know from personal testicle experience.)

    The prettiest underarm I ever saw. :)

  6. Ahhh! Pain! I just attempted to epilate my armpits, this must have hurt so much!

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