59 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Blow!

  1. i agree with comment #1, i totally expected a pair of balls or a soft wanger. honestly though, i can see the appeal of nice plump labia, but those are so large they look like some balls sans a cock.

    p.s. Saline injection?

  2. Woah, for a minute there I thought it was balls lacking a cock, until I looked further up.
    Thats some scary looking shit!

  3. wow,
    I agree with #1 & #4.
    I’ve never been very surprised before this.

    good job Roo =]

  4. Okay, that’s heavy.
    I don’t want to sound close-minded or else, but could someone tell me what this is good for? :)

  5. If there was one thing that modblog has taught us, it’s that it’s ALWAYS a cock. This shatters everything I’ve ever believed in.

  6. Hahaha wow at first I was like, “Wow, that’s a no brainer… it’s a penis… way to be creative.” And then I clicked through and DAMN what a surprise! :D

  7. First I thought it was a penis then i clicked on it and thought oh another nullo and THEN i saw her brests and her face…. then i was shocked… i’ve seen something like this with some kind of penis pumps for labias but this… some kind of grotesque

  8. definitely not a penis. i’m shocked. i was convinced it was going to be a penis.

  9. i wonder if penetration is possible in that state…. i wouldn’t wanna pop her

  10. This just shows the similarity between the female and male genetalia and that they do start from the same base. I would love to play with those.

  11. im am sooo turned on right now, but also so intrigued…i wanna touch it, and lick it…sexually, and non sexually…

  12. I knew it was a saline injected vagina, thats the third time in 3 years (?) I’ve managed to guess one :)

  13. 43- I’m there with you! I was like “cock…. no, wait, vag :)”

  14. yes im surprised to see this for a first time ive never seen a female saline injection done on a labia but my god there huge , how long till the saline goes throgh the body
    ive seen saline injected ball sacs, does it create pain, does it creat a different sensation all completely?

  15. D….DAYM! i did NOT see that one comin’, i was like “hmmm, been a while since there was a penis, maybe it’s one now” yet once again, i’m wrong, but awesome none the less XD!

  16. Ugh, i’d say that looks painful, but it happens to me sometimes, nature does it of course! Cellulitis, my old friend. To me it just feels uncomfortable, i wonder what she’s feeling.

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