Vagina Dentata Is *SO* Last Year.

I absolutely love this tattoo on IAM: factorygirl, it could be perceived a number of ways but I know which one my dirty mind has settled on.

Him: Oh, Oooooh, Uh, Gnnnh, PHUFFEeeeeee! (- Not how I actually sound)

Her: Om nom nom nom!

Him: Erm, ow!

By Viking Lars, Evolved Body Art, Columbus, Ohio.

23 thoughts on “Vagina Dentata Is *SO* Last Year.

  1. HILARIOUS. Roo’s on a roll.

    And I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking white ink is incredible.

  2. Does it say, “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enters”?
    Isn’t the enter supposed to be singular?

  3. It’s the end line from a poem. I know it from Tank Girl, no idea if it’s from something else.

    “Eight, eight, the burning eight.
    Between Sunday and Monday lies a day so dark it will devastate.
    Abandon all hope ye who enter.”

  4. it’s “abandon all hope, ye who enter here” from Dante’s Divine Comedy.

  5. It’s probably from quite a few different sources, or maybe she just came up with it herself.

    There’s only so many ways a group of words can be arranged, it’s bound to sound like it’s from a film/movie/book/poem.

  6. its from dante…. which is translated in many different ways/order/grouping since it was written in italian.

    this is a fact, because well that is my throat <3

  7. its hot! shes hot!
    its in italian and u cant traslate that!
    i had her boobs in my right hand the other night, and she hot, and u wish u were me.

  8. im pretty sure that is written on the door to the strip club in boondock saints

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