Front Funnel Problems

This tattoo is on my left leg, and I plan on continuing adding more cutesy (but at the same time fucked up) tattoos until they all blend together in a crazy semi-leg sleeve..

Walt Disney would be spinning in his grave, or would he?

42 thoughts on “Front Funnel Problems

  1. Roo, You’re right. Unfortunately I have nothing better to do with my life than come up with exceptionally bad jokes and then try and pretend I am just effortlessly witty!

  2. ive beent hinking about this tattoo forever!!! LOVE IT soooo goood!!! thanks for posting this one roo :)

  3. I think the period is blood is kind of the point Bunson what with the wearer wanting a ‘cutesy/fuckedup’ leg sleeve going on.

  4. What is this from? I ask because one of the posters to the vaginapagina group on livejournal has an icon of the same character (which is also awesomely appropriate there).

  5. This design was on an Anal Blast (death metal band) tshirt, I actually have the shirt!

  6. wowwww cute scary…. and piercings…. i think that makes up for the blood. so yeah i forgot what i was going to say…

  7. I have a zip case with this on it. I always though it was called ‘menstrual pudding’,… Love the tattoo though

  8. the art actually is junko mizuno.
    she has sold several calendars and artbooks with this illustration in them. she does some great stuff. :]

  9. heehee, this is my tattoo, and i just wanted to say it was done by LOKI at EASY ST TATTOO in atlanta, gotta rep my artist!!!

  10. Fucks yes!

    You all have NO fucking how long I’ve been looking for this! I’ve been trying to find the artist forever! It’s been a favourite image of mine for years now! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    And I can’t find where it says Junko Mizuno did this. I’m pretty certain it’s not her… That Mari-Chan seems to be a good lead!

  11. OMG I have a half-sleeve of her in process.
    We should totally start a club of people with this tattooed on them :p

  12. Also it is definitely by Mari Chan, the piece is called ‘menstrual dreamer’ or something. just find mari chan’s website :)

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