21 thoughts on “Don’t Fuck With Crows

  1. i really like the lettering around and under her boob. i wish there was a pic of that.

  2. im with #3, but she also has a nice body, and face too, plus some nice artwork…what a wonderful, and beautiful young lady!

  3. Absolutely awesome tats and placement. They look so natural like they belonged on her body. Why am I so OCD that I am fixated on that terrible placement of the “s” in “tails”. *Sigh*.

  4. Aw, don’t get too worried about the “S”. =3 That word bubble hasn’t been fixed up yet. The letter and the bubble itself need to be filled in a bit more. The “L” is a little short, so it doesn’t reach over to the “S” enough yet.
    Haha, and obviously the crow sleeve is a work in progress. ^_^

  5. Tekkon Kinkreet is not the best anime feature unless you stop watching it about 3/4ths through, it goes batshit after that and has a non-ending.

    Pretty tattoos, pretty girl. I’m sure there are quite a few people that would worship at the altar of Dagon. (if you don’t get that, wikipedia it)

  6. Hey, I know you from “another site” too. Haha, I always knew you had a mean piece of organic artwork art going on. I’m just glad I got to see it; here especially!

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