9 thoughts on “Do The Happy Dance

  1. Is it original, or from somewhere? *may be being really dumb here* Either way, it’s absolutely lovely.

  2. But only the dance is sure!
    make it your own.
    Who can tell
    what is to come of it?

    in the woods of your
    own nature whatever
    twig interposes, and bare twigs
    have an actuality of their own

    this flurry of the storm
    that holds us,
    plays with us and discards us
    dancing, dancing as may be credible.

    William Carlos Williams


  3. #6 – i think it’s on the inside upper arm. think. never know though.

    the font is just lovely, and i really love the bright yellow on the flowers. another tattoo that just makes me feel happy. ^_^

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