33 thoughts on “Yomee Yomee!

  1. The little spooky ghost tattoo wins.

    You hear me? Wins. :P

    I don’t even terribly care about the boobies; the tattoo would be catching my eye from across the room, because it’s just nifty.

  2. wow…my jaw not only hit the floor but several below it…geeze, why cant i meet a girlfriend like one of these? its just so stunningly beautiful,i cant take my eyes off of it…

  3. GIEF! seriously awesome picture with awesome girls!

    btw, lol @ nr.2 “om nom nom nom” xD

  4. I found it funny that my first thought was “Fucking A that’s a rad ghost tattoo!”? and then “oh right naked ladies”

  5. Loving the bird tattoos. And the ghost is just the shit. :D

    Also those two girls are really super beautiful! Yummy!

  6. they say the most beautiful flowers are the ones that only bloom for a short time. that would make sense given that these kind of girls are on a suicide trip. im waiting for ‘before and after’ photos in about 7 years.

  7. Funny how two girls lying together is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged by society, but if it were two men it would be gay and met with disgust.

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